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More Underwater Ruins November 15, 2008

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While exploring the general region of the new-ish Bay City area, ran across more underwater ruins, quite similar to the sets one can find around the new Nautilus Island. Thought I’d drop some photos of the finds in this post here. I may have more to comment about this later, but basically I think the Lindens just wanted to add some pizzazz to the watery areas of Bay City, as they did with the Nautilus Island environs. We’ll see what develops, though. The ruins in the Bay City region seem to be confined to one sim so far: Chikepe. There is also some underwater vegetation to be found in the sim called Manyiminya directly to the west of Chikepe.

Go see for yourself!








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  1. […] November 18, 2008 Filed under: Uncategorized — baker Blinker @ 7:51 am More shots from the underwater realm at Chikepe. Pictured below are 2 coral arches that I missed before, lined up with each other to the south of […]

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