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Gallery, Couple Exterior Shots November 11, 2008





Gallery, Level 6






House 2, Levels 5-4

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My apologies once again, but it has been several weeks between the taking of these snapshots and the writing of this text. Well, things have changed in the temple, but not drastically (as has happened in the past). I hinted around at some of these changes in a footnote in the last post of this particular, little series. Well, the interior walls are mostly missing now, as I mentioned (“interior” here meaning those walls of the Victorian house that lie inside those that help define the perimeter walls of the overall temple — think that makes sense), although the pictures are basically the same.


Baker Bloch is inside the second Victorian house here, which technically doesn’t exist anymore except as a sort of shell opening up to the central area. As I said, though, the photos are the same, so let’s look at them. Again all the pictures within the space of what use to more clearly be 2 Victorian houses are of Herman Park, including the ones below. The particular ones on this floor (5) are more of forested areas around the general vicinity of TILE Mountain, as we’re calling it here.




The back of this particular Victorian “shell” contains a passage to the added balcony area that looks out on the Rubi forest and the neighbor’s roller coaster complex.


In the second Victorian house shell on this level, we find more Herman Park photos, and, once again, of the large meadow area making up part of the long backbone of TILE Mountain.


The particular series of photos located in this area have an interesting side story to them. I was simply slapping similarly themed textures on properly sized prims culled from Edna’s “Herman Park” flickr folder when I realized that these 3 I had just created actually formed a kind of continual tryptich with each other. When I showed the effect to Edna, she reinforced to me that it was totally accidental in nature, made even more so by my further randomizing in the selection process. This quickly became my favorite series of photos found in the temple or temple grounds area.



Thought I’d show a close up of this leftmost part of the above tryptich, because the valley beyond the edge of the meadow here contains TILE Creek itself, prominently featured in this blog in the Salad Bar Jack related series of posts beginning with this one.*


* TILE Creek is also called simply CREEK in this blog. I’ll attempt to standardize the term (category/tag) for this creek sometime soon.


House 1, Levels 4-5

A look down from further up in the temple at Baker Bloch positioned on the top of the brick stairs where he entered level 4.


And then inside the 1st house through that narrow chute described below. You can see now that we have an *unmasked* Baker Bloch touring the temple floors. I think he looks better.

The space we’ve entered here can be described as the edge surrounding the center. We have entered the meat of the temple. All the photographs within the two Victorian houses are of Herman Park, mentioned a number of times already in this blog. The story of the temple truly becomes one with the story of Herman Park and TILE through these centrally located photos taken by Edna Blinker and translated onto prims in virtual space.

Since there are 2 large rooms in each of the 2 Victorian houses, we then have a total of 4 rooms filled with Herman Park related pictures. In this first room entered by Blochs, the photographs are of a mountain more on the northern side of the 3600 acre park, a little over a mile away as the crow flies from the beginning of TILE Creek at Hand Spring.



Then I’ll go ahead and include snapshots from the second level of this particular Victorian house, which exhibits RL photos of a mountain much closer to TILE Creek. Because the source of the creek (CREEK) actually arises on the side of this mountain, we’ll call it simply TILE Mountain here. In actuality (to the outside world, that is), the creek and mountain do have the same name, but it isn’t TILE.

As you can see, the mountain top above TILE Creek is dominated by a huge meadow. On the western edge of meadow, in a grove of balsam trees, lies the grave of Herman, the park’s namesake. The name Herman is the real McCoy and refers to a dirt Farmer.





Another shot of Grandfather Mountain is found on level 5 on the side of the other Victorian house Baker Bloch is now about to enter to continue his tour.



Gallery, Level 4

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At the top of the brick stairs used to access level 4, Baker Bloch can see down the 1st balcony region within the temple square, looking over the Great Rubi Forest as my neighbor calls it. It is indeed a marvelous SL panorama in that direction from both this level and the balcony on the level above, which we’ll get to in a moment.


After climbing the stairs and crossing a narrow bridge of floor on this side of the 1st Victorian house encountered, Baker reaches another, broader spiral walkway turning the opposite direction (counterclockwise) from the orange spiral connecting the temple with the property grounds. This is the same as the old spiral that use to run through the entire length of the 30 meter high temple. In the most recent version of the temple, the bottom third of the spiral has been removed.

The view below is looking down from a little up the spiral to the brick stairs just ascended. You can also see the narrow strip of floor (green) bridging the upper spiral here to those stairs.


Then a snapshot of the center of the temple from the same position on the spiral. The spinning Tyle cube is still there, as you can see, also with its still present but hidden silver cube inside.

You also have the tile walls surrounding the cube but more below than all around. And also the 4th wall is now present, since it did not need to be removed to make room for the bottom 3rd of the temple spiral. As I said, I left that part out in the new version. I decided to color the 4th wall more gold than yellow, though, which turned out to be one of those intuitively correct choices that had immediate, future ramifications. However, Baker Bloch can’t see the 4th wall from this angle — it is hidden just below the Victorian house to his right.

Actually, I think I’ve already mentioned the fact that the 4th wall is gold colored, so I apologize. I’m writing the text for this post about a week later than that of the last installment of this series.


From the same position on the older spiral, Blochs looks at the only exterior photograph of this level, which is of Grandfather Mountain once again.


This is a tricky spot in the temple to figure out. You have to start ascending the old spiral but then immediately jump off to get to the lower door of the *2nd* Victorian house of level 4 and 5. Since the snapshot below was taken, I’ve decided to remove this door so you can more easily see that photographs are indeed inside now. Another way to relate this is that you simply need to keep moving in a straight line from the top of the brick stairs to this door, continuing the line you’re walking on in that narrow strip of grassy green floor.

The manuveur is made even trickier because the door here opens to both the small balcony of level 4 but also the central, ground area of the temple that technically belongs to level 3. Removing the door has also made this split more apparent.* If you fall into the center of the temple here, the only way out is flying (which any avatar can still do at this low-ish altitude of less than 150 meters) or using the now present teleporter, reinserted at the “11th position” (footnote), to materialize at selected other parts of the temple or temple grounds.**



* Thought I’d give a later update on level 4 of the temple. Now the houses are much more open to the central area since most of the front walls have been removed since taking the snapshots of this post. This makes access to the level easier from the spiral stairway, to cite one advantage. Another advantage is that I elimated prims in this way, making possible the large pipe system now on the property between the grounds and the temple and chronicled in detail in the series of posts starting with this one.

** The 11th object (teleporter) around the temple’s center is described in this June post that ends phaze 6 (Beehive) of Baker Blinker’s Blog.


Chatting, The I

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“What next Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:



Does Tommie Dekker still live there in that county?

Hucka D.:



Tyrone Cave?

Hucka D.:

Black and white. Cube and sphere. Squaring.


Is it time yet to talk about [delete name]?

Hucka D.:




Should I go back to Baker’s Creek?

Hucka D.:



Time to build the Earthly Temple of TILE?

Hucka D.:



“It’s obvious that TIn Town or Tin City is a key. Tin roofing… like Edward and I used to create the Wazobian Tin City. Hey, maybe Grassy should take the 1st goodmobile there!”

Hucka D.:

What would the Wazobian Tin City be like?


Self. There.

Hucka D.:

You *are* there.


(pause) Wasn’t Chas’ party there at Tin City? I think it was. Then the beginning inspiration for That Violet Sphere.

Hucka D.:

Might not be a bad idea to relook at those old Mythos notebooks. Chas… Philip… Joseph Cline. Golden Joseph? Cline is a recorder. That music at the party…


What did I call the guy? Satinu maybe. (pause) But that’s where Clineism started. Kind of.

Hucka D.:

Cline then went from Tin City or Jackson 5 to Monkey City and became absorbed into The Pope Project. But he didn’t… he went to Edwardsboro [not to be confused with Edwardston, or Edwardsville for that matter]. He became the seed for the POPE, the real deal. This was not revealed until much later.


I must study Clineism.

Hucka D.:

Yes. The Brucites too. Twins. Cline and Bruce. Expedition. To the North Pole in effect, but the poles of the Mythos planet were not sealed. So they only got so far. To the Bruce-Cline Line. Those were long ago days.


Idlewiki [???]



Interesting, Hucka D., we’re back on the Castor River again. Castor…Pollux. Bruce… Cline. The Castor River surrounds Clines Island. Must be another mixture of black and white. Cube and sphere. And in that damnable state again where “he” lives.

Hucka D.:

Maybe a “she”.



Mythos is Cline’s island or Cline’s Planet. Clines Island is close to the word Clineism. Well.. should we or you or someone go there??

Hucka D.:

That’s where Mythos links to Earth… so yes.




“You know Hucka D., there should be only one “i” on that “island”. Looks like some bad cloning going on again.”

Hucka D.:

Within the square.


Another temple picture?

Hucka D.:

*Could* be.