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Chatting, D November 4, 2008

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OMG Hucka D., I just realized that the little island that Little Island Lake is named after is Mouse Island. Sooooo…. I know it’s early. Are you up Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

*Very* stoked. Yeah, you were saying?


It’s obvious: Little Island… Mouse Island. And then a dart inserted into the Mouse. That’s where it happens. The clue is buried there. Also B. Hayes owned Mouse Island. “Booger Hayes,” I believe. His real middle name is not Booger but no one would know this.


So this combines a lot of stuff. We have i-land, connected with Eye.

Hucka D.:

And of course Little Island Lake is the only Square in the United States of America. Connecting it to Square. Nearby is Triangle Lake as well. Triangles and squares can *tile* in cooperation. Then Peanut is nearby. In RL, outside of virtual reality that is, he kills the RL version of Square. Pewee also stands kind of between Peanut and Square. A bullet? [as you, bb, have theorized? Hmmm… maybe bb is pewee, as it is in size. Oh no.]


[What is it?]

Hucka D.:

[It’s the brackets again. How do we…?]


[Where’s Grassy when you need him!?]




5 Responses to “Chatting, D”

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  2. […] Bigger. Oh… yeah. Bogger. But shouldn’t that be Booger. […]

  3. […] synchronicity back in 2008, I associate Fitz hit by a dart in “Rooster” with president Rutherford B. Hayes’ grandson driving boats named darts into Mouse Island on the Bak…, a Lake Erie island which the Hayes family still owned into the 20th […]

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