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Gallery Pictures, Level 3 November 1, 2008

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So let me get my level numbering straight once and for all. The floor pictured in this post is level *3*, not 2. But it’s the same as the old level 2 of the original temple design, such as first described in detail in this post from way back in June.

Now we have a more fulfilled version of this level, most likely. For one thing, there’s the additional of several abstract Edna photos that you see 2 of immediately upon entering this level from below (the entrance is right at the top of the spiral walkway). Another is thrown in beside the more flame-y appearing of the two for good measure.

And then walking around the rugged level we have several provided glimpses into the very heart of the temple that is also the same as in the original temple version (not present in the last version, though). There’s some differences in this heart of the temple, though. You have the 11 rock or rock colored or rock related objects surrounding a common center again, but this time the walls are colored the TILE colors of red, green, blue and gold (gold substituing for yellow here) instead of the default texture color of white. You also have the spinning TILE cube that roughly centers the cube of the temple. However, the lemon tree that use to grow from the center of this ground spot is now gone (in more recent additions, it has been replaced by a smaller, winter-type pine tree). So it’s obviously the same space but with some important differences. Since posting the snapshots for this post, I’ve also added in a teleporter to this level which connects it to several different locations within the temple and associated gallery.

But obviously the most overt difference between the newest version of the Temple of TILE and the original version is the remaining presence of the two Victorian houses that surround this central area. In fact, I didn’t move the houses at all when rebuilding the temple around them — I just slid the temple down on top of them and did what I felt were some needed adjustments, which I’ll get to when talking about levels above this one.

And you get some nice views down into the lower levels as well, such as these glimpses into the large Charleston, SC photo filled chamber just below.


Gallery Pictures, Level 2

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As I said, the front part of level 2 of the new gallery is just a flipped over version of level 1, in essence. Here Baker Bloch inspects the new drink machines added to this level in the most recent gallery version.

*But*, something is subtly different here: this grassy floor wasn’t here in the previous version. That’s because we’ve entered the new and revamped Temple of TILE proper. Remember the grassy floor of level 1 of that temple? Well, this is it!

The jutting wall is more evidence that we’ve entered the 30x30x30 temple cube: that would be the bottom of the old level 2, which is level 3 now in the new numbering system.

Anyway, to the photos: all Edna’s again, except for a small room on the east side devoted to Klutzy Kamper’s Glacier National Park art, containing 5 photos in all. Edna’s here are of N.C. parkway locations, specifically the Grandfather Mountain area. There’s also 1 Klutzy photo relating to Grandfather Mountain on this level, and more may be added later.

Because level 2 of the temple has been integrated into the old top level of the photography gallery here, we have this resultant nice, expanded space in the back of level 2, containing the bulk of Edna’s Charleston, SC collection. Most of these come from her last trip to Charleston in October of this year.

Interesting glimpse down to the level 1 foyer from this side of level 2.

And there’s even a type of loft region on the back side acesssible from a spiral staircase, and containing several more Charleston photos.

The entire open back side of level 2 measures a full 40 meters from east to west.


Gallery Pictures, Level 1

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I’m not sure if I ever put a description of the photography levels of the former version of this gallery in my blog here, but I’ll remedy that now to a degree. The lowest level of the gallery holds Edna’s Land of Oz photos. There are a bunch of them,close to 30 at last count. They are comprised of photos taken at both the 2007 and 2008 festivals held annual at Beech Mountain. We go every year, and haven’t missed one in, oh, probably 13 years running now. So if I decide to keep this SL gallery, safe to say more Oz related photos will be added to this collection.

The structure itself is just a modified free house I found in the same “Box of Free Buildings” as the Azure Island’s house (Mysti’s Big Blue House) and also the Wright House (called: ______). Basically speaking, the west half of this level is the full house itself, and then the east half is just the house inverted and joined to the west double. The east half has also been edited to make room for the spiral walkway, which allows access to this level and also the levels above from the ground level. The second level of what’s now a part of The Gallery at The Temple of TILE is simply the bottom level turned on top of itself and then edited — the same design idea I used in creating the old Wright House Gallery (now the skybox for the Edwardston Station Gallery moved to Tyta).

This is something different from the last version: walls colored red, green and blue found in what could be called a foyer of this level, which contains more abstract Blinkerton-style Land of Oz photos as well as a table with two chairs.

There’s actually a back side to this level which didn’t contain any pictures in the former gallery version. I’ve remedied that lack in this version, inserting more abstract Edna photos, this time mainly from the Charleston, South Carolina collection.

But there’s also 1 Oz related photo as well, although this isn’t from the Land of Oz but instead was snapped at our own humble, little home. It’s an Oz light string that we hang up at Christmas in our windows. The picture on the wall opposite this is also a more abstract photo of house Christmas lights.


Loose Thoughts, Galleries (& Pictures!)

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Baker Bloch finds this mysteriously place filing cabinet near the center of the long subway tunnel centering, in turn, the properties as a whole. It is roughly positioned under the center of The Arab as well. Have we determined that this is actually the lost ship The Arab, found 1/2 mile from the Current River on Sinking Creek in Missouri [at Camp Zoe, or near there]? Appears so. Nothing in this filing cabinet though… yet.

Baker then walks around the south end of the tunnel to the newer landscaped area, freed up by the removal of the Edwardston Station Gallery bits from the Rubi properties (more on the new Edwardston Station Gallery later…).

“Queer. This is that old, broken tv from the Ross Sea Arab ship,” Baker Bloch thinks. “What’s it doing underneath *this* Arab?”

A just plain weird little cemetery, if that’s what it is. It almost looks like the tree erupted from the ground here *after* the cemetery was created, making the little hillock in the process and displacing the several headstones. Another odd thing is the Holy Bible in the water just underneath the more crooked of the two visible headstones: the Bible has a cross on it and the gravestone is shaped like a cross. The second headstone of the more usual shape also has a smaller cross engraved upon it. A triangle of crosses, then.

There’s more to this story but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Baker looks up at the towering tree and attached spiral walkway.

A look back at where Baker Bloch rounded the corner of the subway. A tight fit between the subway and the neighbor’s ban lines there, and if those palm trees weren’t set to “phantom” he probably could walk it. The passageway is probably about as wide as he is tall.

Looks like Baker’s decided to head up the spiral for more pictures. Suppose we’ll follow, then!