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New Island!, 10 October 21, 2008

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The walkway seen in that last photo of this series quickly leads Baker Bloch to row upon row of adobe-like houses, monochromatically colored in shades of either yellow, blue, or red.

Baker continues to stick to the coastline, though, so as not to get lost in the maze of houses. Here he sees more evidence of a civilization at least partially in ruins now.

Finally, Baker Bloch finds the western tip of the island. He’s been so far, with so far to go still!

Blochs taking a well needed break at this tip. Great view here.



New Island!, 9

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Nice shot of moon rising over the flat inner plane of Nautilus City island.

Shortly after visiting with the Sea Goddess for a spell, Baker gets on dry land again to find that he has entered what might be the island’s largest stretch of forest. This is his kind of place! Nice undulating land with a variety of trees, if essentially Linden 1 prim creations. Appears to be mainly a mixture of cypress and eucalyptus trees, just like we have in the Rubi forest. Like being home again. The various placed sculpty rocks are a nice, additional touch. Actually, come to think of it, these indicate where the “hiking trail” is, which isn’t a trail as much as just a pathless walk through open woods.

Underwater shot of poles that are grouped at various places all around the island’s edges. More ruins, apparently. Those are albatrosses sitting on the tops of the poles here, I believe.

Wheeeee! Baker Bloch finds a willing sea turtle to ride.

A moon shot again, this time setting to the west. It is at this point Baker begins to encounter more signs of civilization again as he moves toward the island’s west end, climaxing in the harbor area dealt with in posts to come. Moving on, then!

Next: deserted urban area.


Hucka D./Smithy Again…

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“Hucka D., it’s night at the island and I want to wait until sunrise to take more pictures. Do you have time for one of our chats, or do you think it’s a good idea to do so?”

Hucka D.:

Always a good time.


Thank you. Let me guess what you’re going to say. This island was created by the Mossmen.

Hucka D.:

Not just any old Mossman. Neptune. The 8th.


The male statue does look considerably like Gene Fade don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

Indeed. But there’s also the female to consider.


Nice touch for sure by the creating Lindens.

Hucka D.:

Creating Mossmen, you mean.


Yeah, sure. Mossmen and Neptune seem to overlap through the trident, which I saw Mossman holding in my imagination yesterday while driving around. This trident represents the 3 westernmost streams of Frank Park, the same Frank Park that we’ve been discussing in this broken off bit thing, and Mocksity.

Hucka D.:

You must move it into that realm.


These streams form a trident shape because they merge into one stream in the western part of the park.

Hucka D.:

That trident is very important. Lower, middle, upper.


So were the Mossmen also in this trident of streams? Did they live there, I mean? Or explore there? Or hunt there, perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Mossmen are herbivorous by nature. So it would be foraging. Planting or foraging. The angle the Neptune Mossman holds the trident is important.


Maybe it’s not a trident but a fanning tail these streams are symbolized by.

Hucka D.:

Smithy is here.


Ok. Hello Smithy.


A hole was formed. Murder. Redrum. Bit… broken off. Death. Then Second. Rebirth. I am healed now.


Where did you live in the first life, Smithy? Where do you live now?


I live in the forest. I use to live in the forest as well. It’s different now. But… peace.


Do you know of Atlantis?

[Smithy does not answer.]


Tell me more about your forest home.


It’s different. Before it was real and solid. Now it’s more real but not solid. Different.


Do you talk to the trees?




What do you say to them? What do they tell you?


Portal. Control. Cornersville. Mossmen. They tell me about the Mossmen.


Do the Mossmen control the forest, then?


Portal. Open, but now closed. But open in a different way. Different.


Do you know what a sim is, Smithy?


(pause) Some.

Hucka D.:

Smithy is now tired. She/he go back to the forest.


So Smithy knows about the Mossmen through the forest?

Hucka D.:

That is correct.


What does Newton have to do with this?

Hucka D.:

Newton surrounds and protects.


Is there a Mossman named Newton?

Hucka D.:

Go inworld now.


Thank you.


“You know Hucka D., it did occur to me that this is Baker’s Island, and that we have not only come full circle, we’re about to break the circle.”

Hucka D.:

Neptune. 8th. Then 9th. Baker’s Island. Beyond the 8th. Next phaze. End. Beyond the beyond.


This is Atlantis, isn’t it?

Hucka D.:



New Island!, 8

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Another interesting object, the likes of which Baker Bloch hadn’t seen before in his island exploration.
In the description it’s called a look out point lens. Lens? Oh yeah, in recheck it today, Baker Bloch finds that it is made of some kind of glass. But what is the lens suppose to focus on? He looks through it to see no object in its aim of view. Chalk it up as another mystery for now, then.

Having satisfied that he knew the northern coastline west of the circular walled area pretty well, Blochs decides to head across the canal again to explore the southern coastline. There he finds this shallow pool (one of a number of small pools on near the sw corner of the island) with these little purple fish. The fish are not too far from being as high as the pool itself. In the description they are simply called generic dark schooling. I’ve seen them at other parts of the island as well now.

Baker comes across a small islet with a stone slab walkway between it and the island itself. You know, in rechecking today Baker thinks that the island has changed colors in the last several days from the beige in this snapshot to the present green. Interesting. All kinds of neat-o sea life in the immediate area, as is typical of the waters around the island.

Blochs discovers the beginning (or end) of a hiking trail that subsequently follows the coastline for a number of sims. Is that bear prints on that sign?

Another “ahah” moment! In the south sea, in fact, directly south of the sim the masculine green statue was found, we have what is obviously a feminine counterpart of some kind. And this also appears to be the same image found on the statue at the crystal temple on the island’s west tip. In the description she is only noted as being a “Mythic Corroded Sea Goddess,” but an educated guess would place her as Amphitrite, a sea goddess called the consort to Poseidon, and translated into Roman mythology as the more minor figure of Salacia.

Go here to see her for yourself!

Next: Moonrise and Moonset.


New Island!, 7

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Baker Bloch is now at the top of the circular wall, furtherest north. There he runs into a square shaped inlet of the sea that goes almost all the way to the wall itself. Only this row of stones allows dry passage to the other side.

On the other side, fairly far out in the northern sea, Blochs finds this barge which he now knows carried Magellan Linden’s Atomic Borer to this island, or at least to the sea around the island. It’s a rock’n place (by that I mean the barge actually rocks back and forth). The creator is an actual Linden this time around: Michael.

Mysterious crater near the barge. Is this where the borer started its boring? If so it’s not a boring landmark at all (sorry, once again).

Moon rising over the boring-and-if-so-not-so-boring crater.

Ahah! What do we have here?! Looks like possibly the same figure pictured in Magellen’s snapshot animator in the cockpit of the borer now crashed on the island itself. But if so, why did the statue tumble into the sea? Does Magellan’s screen show an image from a more glorious past, then?

Teleport here to see the mostly buried statue for yourself.

Next: Baker Bloch dries out just to get wet again.


New Island!, 6

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In recreating Baker Bloch’s hike today, I can see how the land will be divided up better. Most of the properties that will (very soon!) be for sale appear to be entirely square and flat, and without any preexisting landscaping such as trees or rocks. About all of the 1024sm parcels I’ve checked so far have Linden protected land on at least one or two sides, often in the form of walkways. Admittedly it looks like a nicely planned infrastructure, most definitely a number of steps above the situation on the newer continents and, to a somewhat lesser extent, the older continents as well. I just got’s a feeling these are going to be some expensive pieces of real estate. But no skin off my poor little back, as I’m happy where I am on the Atoll continent; I’m just exploring for the adventure and mystery.

Another mysterious egg-shaped object; the island is riddled with such mysteries. This one, let’s see, is called “LDPW Nautilus ancient light”, concocted by a Misty Mole this time. So many Moles! This just outside the wall that Baker Bloch is circling around to get back to the canal again.

More to the east this time, Baker encounters this nicely landscaped area full of more of those scuplty and non-sculpty olive colored cypress trees he hasn’t seen before in SL until now.

A fallen and now ivy covered column of some kind. Another Misty Mole creation.

Baker Bloch is now turning east again up past the westernmost point of the wall as he finds this monolithic circle of 5 largish, pointy rocks called Menhirs in their descriptions. Misty made again… Linden Mole. In looking up Menhir, found this definitnion at

Type of ancient megalithic stone monument (see megalith). Menhirs were simple upright stones, sometimes of great size, erected chiefly in Western Europe. Arrangements of menhirs often form vast circles, semicircles, or ellipses. Many were built in Britain, the best-known sites being Stonehenge and Avebury in Wiltshire. Menhirs were also placed in parallel rows, called alignments, the most famous being the Carnac alignments in northwestern France, with 2,935 menhirs. These were probably used for ritual processions.


Next: Turning a tight corner.


New Island!, 5

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It was a little over 1/2way to the central wall, or shortly past the Magellan wreck, that Baker ran across this lovely wooded area complete with a pond containing a large island and a central statue. Blochs inspects the statue to find it is rather mysteriously titled “Masculine Monument”. Like many of the island’s creations, this statue or monument is attributed to a person with the surname Mole, Silent Mole in this case.

Another shot of the statue and island. From this angle you also see an oval object in the water created by another Mole (Garden), that seems to be part of an old barge. This island certainly contains many mysteries.

(Sorry about all the night pictures here, but Baker Bloch doesn’t believe in changing the default environmental settings of any particular region unless absolutely necessary.)

Just beyond the little garden, to the immediate west, is situated this massive chess board complete with a full set of pieces. Baker attempts to “play” but can’t seem to move the pieces. Maybe the proper scripts aren’t loaded yet, or either it’s just a kind of design set.

Beyond the chess board is this pool area with 7 towels already laid out on one side of the largest pool.

And dang if there’s not a sea serpent slithering around in that pool. No swimming for Blochs today, thank you!

Yet more interesting landscaping beyond the pools, this time in the form of a more natural pool surrounded by what appear to be round stepping stones. Maybe seats of some kind? And what’s that large dark, oval object in the center of the pool, with its top ever so slightly protruding just above the pool’s surface? Whatever it is, it’s curtosy of this Garden Mole person again.

Here’s a picture showing the relationship of this pool to the particle sculpture already pictured at the beginning of this series. It’s really an amazing place.

Then it’s flat, empty grassy area for a bit on up to the wall itself. Looks to be around the same height as the Great Wall on the Atoll Continent I’m quite familiar with by now. Might be interesting to compare the length of the two: circular verses linear.

Moving in a circlular fashion now for a spell!


New Island!, 4

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Baker had come in through the side door, so to speak, and he actually missed taking a picture of the main entrance to this crystal temple complex described in the last post of this series. So here it is. I believe those are swordfish statues guarding the entrance.

Before I get too far in creating new text, I want to say that Headburro Antfarm graciously sent over a couple of links on the brand new island-continent (again, I’d call it an island instead of a continent, as outlined below), which I know now has been dubbed Nautilus City. This is a little confusing to me, though, since on recent SL maps the continent immediately to the north is also named Nautilus.

But here’s the two links HBA sent me (thanks!). He plans to publish information about Nautilus City on his own blog, and I’ll be sure to give a link here to what I’m certain will be an excellent report or series of reports on the subject. And he takes such marvelous pictures — you won’t want to miss those.

Links now:

A main issue re the second link, coming from the official SL blog, is that property will be sold on the island, albeit with some special restrictions and clauses. Several 100 parcels are available according to this blog, all 1024 square meters, and with double the prims usually allowed for that meterage. My guess is that they won’t come cheap. So I was wrong (of course!) in mulling over the possibility that this whole island may be a protected Linden park of some kind. Sad… but it looks like selected cuts of it will still be protected. And admittedly it will be interesting to see how property owners will blend their individual builds into the fascinating, preexisting landscape. We’ll see how it turns out soon enough. Several 100 pieces of property is too much still, though, although I guess SL has to pay the bills somehow. 😦

And I also have mixed feelings about someone using the Magellan Linden mythology as a marketing tool. But it could be just me.

Speaking of which, the first link, expanding the Magellen legend, is also a very interesting read, and explains, at least in part, the meaning of the Atomic Boring Vehicle I found quite early in my explorations of the island. I’ll study that article more and comment in future posts, and as more information becomes available about the island in general.

Back to the tour. Here’s a golden statue of a female figure on the east side of the crystal temple, as I’m calling it (until I find out an official name). This seems to be the same figure that Baker Bloch finds depicted on an underwater statue to the south of the island a little later on in his explorations. I also believe this could be Salacia, consort to Neptune. I’ll get to that story later.

You can see the size of the golden statue in comparison to little Baker Bloch sitting on a bench next to the temple, at the end of the canal.

So where to next? was the question on Baker Bloch’s mind. He devises a plan of exploration: head west on the canal from this eastern endpoint until reaching the central, circular wall. Walk around the wall and meet up with the canal on the other side. At that point he’ll devise a new strategy.

Picture of a mounted torch in the canal as he heads toward the massive, central wall, then. As I’m counting, it’s about 1300 meters to the wall from where Baker was sitting on that bench, fairly close to being a mile, then.

A little later on he passes the Magellan Linden wreck again, and takes several more snapshots.

To be continued!