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New Island! (Very Atlantean), 2 October 20, 2008

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From the hilltop Baker Bloch sees what he thought was a leaning tower at first, but upon closer inspection turns out to be a ship or vehicle of some kind. In checking the owner’s name, he finds out that it’s none other than Magellan Linden of Gaeta and, especially, Heterocera Atoll fame, as described in his well known blog. The famous explorer himself has been here! The vehicle turns out to be a 4000 ton Atomic Boring Machine.

At the bottom of the ship Baker Bloch finds evidence for Magellan’s noted penchant for alchohol consumption also well documented in his blog.

But what’s most fascinating about the ship is the animated picture inside, showing a number of various locations around the island, most of which Baker Bloch hasn’t seen at this point… like this shot of what is obviously a statue of Neptune with his trident. Strange thing is, I was just thinking about an image of Mossman holding a trident today while driving around an area of his “homeland”, before I knew anything about this new SL island. Just to point out, Mossman would be another, bulky green figure, like the Neptune of this statue.

More snapshots of the Magellan craft…

Then a shot of Baker Bloch standing near the ne corner of the island, just ahead.

Next: crystal clear as mud.


2 Responses to “New Island! (Very Atlantean), 2”

  1. […] continue this exploration in the post above… see you there. […]

  2. Now this bit i have seen (as you’ll know from the explorations led by S Jack). I must say though, I missed the cycling photo display inside the machine – I’ll have totake a looksee. I do like the radiator at the back of the cab (near the empty booze) – must be cold in the void!

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