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Light Being… For A Moment October 19, 2008

Filed under: Egan Sim — baker Blinker @ 1:03 pm

I logged in as Baker Bloch the other night and was amazed to find that Mr. Bloch had turned into an oval of light! This is the first time this kind of transformation has happened, although Baker Bloch has been known to turn into a woman now and then. In those cases, however, the avatar is basically the same — same arm bands, same mask, same hat, and so on — just the shape has changed. Here the body is *gone*. And wherever I teleported the effect didn’t go away.

Here I am at the Egan sim again, for example.

Then went over to the gallery, logged out, logged back on…

…and Baker Bloch as we all know and love him returns. Phew!


One Response to “Light Being… For A Moment”

  1. I suspect he was both in this world and one (or more) others at the same time – the vibrational alignment of his pixels was in a state of confused flux. Time for a re-log.

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