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Roubideux Creek/Spring?? October 18, 2008

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Was very interested in Hucka D.’s comments concerning “Ben” and “Grizzly” regarding the Egan glyph, and the fact that Grizzly, Montana is one of 2 lone variation names that pop up in querying the name “Egan” in the GNIS database query. Grizzly is also very near the southwest edge of Glacier National Park. Thinking here about how the very day I found the Egan glyph I deleted a couple of Glacier National Park photos from the gallery to make room for more Grandfather Mountain pictures. The GNP photos are by Klutzy Kamper; Grandfather Mtn. photos in the gallery are contributed by both Klutzy and Edna Blinker.

Completing the triangle of coincidences, moving them into the realm of true synchronicity in my opinion, is the fact that Grizzly Adams of tv and movie fame had a famous bear friend named *Ben*, mirroring the supposed name in the Egan glyph, and the only one you can make out at all on the SL map.

To me this also might end the synchy trail centered by the Ross Sea by adding the punctuation “and bears” to the “lions, tigers, and bears” phrase from The Wizard of Oz now obviously (to me again) related.

I thought I’d also research Rubideaux Creek and Rubideaux Spring located just north of Grizzly, Montana, since that also came up in my recent chat with Hucka D. To briefly recap, he mentioned a place called “Rubi Doo” and also “Rock Roast” in a recent chat, and connected it with the Mossman’s Rock Gods that I haven’t written about yet in any detail in this blog. Will rectify that soon.

So I googled “Rubideux Creek” and came up with no hits except the posts from my own blog, but the google site suggested one, similar phase: “Roubideaux Creek”. So I tried that and found a list dominated by one creek of this name in Missouri. I found out it also has a well-known spring: Roubideaux Spring, near the mouth of the creek where it empties into the Gasconade River just outside Waynesville. Thinking of Rubideaux Ck. in Montana also having a same name spring attached to it. 5 down on the hit list, and just before the link to the wikipedia article on this creek, was this link…

BFRO Report 1138: Family witness a 7-8 foot tall creature, covered with hair, standing in the middle of the road

This bigfoot sighting happened to take place directly about Roubideaux Creek and also Robuideaux Spring. Nearby is a well-known underwater cave accessible to scuba divers. A couple more things that perhaps stood out for me: the creature was standing right in the middle of the road on the yellow line according to the reporting witness, almost as if he were *waiting* for them. He also “froze up” there for 30 seconds according to this witness before leaping or bounding off the highway. Also, another car happened to stop coming from the other direction at the same time, and also left at the same time. Both cars also stopped after passing the creature, which would have then been illuminated only by the taillights of each.

Now I’m going to leave this report alone for now, but it did occur to me to associate bears, grizzlies, and bigfoot together in this tangle. And, dare I say it? Perhaps even *mossmen*??

All for now.


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  1. […] Karoz was suppose to be involved in the exploration of Rubidoo on Granddaddy Mtn. but forgot his mission through entrapment in His Second Lyfe. Rubido is assoc. with Roubideaux at Glacier National Park. Link is Grizzly village, and Egan var. of Grizzly in maps and Egan as Second Life sim where “Ben Wuz Here” was written. Closing the triangle is Ben as a famous grizzly (Gentle Ben). […]

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