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Loose Notes Again… October 8, 2008

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Edwardston Station Gallery is a go once again… might even be renamed the Edwardston Station Galleries. I believe that the Wright House Gallery may be just some kind of annex now, perhaps. For the record, this is the third time I’ve reconstructed the ESG. What do they say, third time’s the charm? Could be.

Here’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve kept the basic idea of the 3 gallery floors, but I’ve made the station area smaller (decreased from 5 collaged AA stations to 2) and also the brown colored tile gallery that began as the Hidalgo Gallery. It’s about maybe twice as big as the original Hidalgo gallery now, but still close to 1/2 the size it was in the last version of ESB. Maybe somewhat more than half. And I know the collection that will be in it: the Greenup series of collages of the 10×10, the only series of the 10×10 currently completed that was left out of the Wright House Gallery. I have more windows looking out of the gallery, being more aware of the space surrounding the gallery in this version. The 20 collages of the Greenup series fits quite comfortably within this space, even with the large windows (4 in all). So that’s a solid foundation, I feel.

Returning to the station itself, I haven’t decided whether to just leave the AA wallpaper up or put up the wallpaper that was in the station in the former version, the nicer, cleaner stuff. But I definitely want to add in the Esbum and Edwardston (Mythos) related pictures again, to provide a history of the station. Only 1 bathroom area exists still, as opposed to 5 formerly.

In the station I also decided to leave the two ends of the subway itself open, the rr part that is, instead of capping them with fake extensions. This allows easier access from the outside, or more apparent access.

Keeping to this level: because I rather considerably decreased the size of the station, there was also considerably more I could do in terms of landscaping. I also put a number of higher prim trees and vegetation around the gallery, including the cypress tree formerly in the Temple of TILE (the temple didn’t make it into version 3 of ESG… more on that in a minute), and also some giant bamboo currently. The center of this landscaping effort is a small waterfall pouring out of a pinched pipe and into a tiny pool, all surrounded by four large rocks from the former Luna Bliss waterfall that I accidentally unlinked when deconstructing the former gallery version. The NOOB statue is looking down on all… get to that as well soon. Anyway, there’s an interesting and particular center to this landscaping, unlike before… unless you count the pool in the old basement that sat perhaps where the present, smaller pool is positioned.

So I’m pretty happy right now about this new landscaping effort. Moving to the middle level, where in the former version you beamed into the gallery — the front door — I’m not sure if it will be the front door of the gallery now, since I don’t plan to put photographs on this level as I did before. Instead we have — get this — the original Azure Islands house — complete! — on the back of this level, which I think will act as the main offices of the gallery now. The open central part of this house has been *greatly* increased in height, though, and actually reaches what was formerly the bottom of the Temple of TILE. Again, I’ll have some snapshots soon of this extension. But the point here is that I don’t plan to put photographs on this level. Instead I’ve created 2 entirely new levels in one structure, inserted in the the old gap between the temple and the gallery.

So to these new levels. First off, they are accessible from the spiral around the tree that I’m keeping from the old version of ESG. The spiral will have more functions now, then: it will be the only connection between the 3 lower levels and the the levels above it. Technically, I suppose, we have 8 gallery levels now…

Let’s go into a little more detail about the 3 lower levels before moving up. The 1st level, or the station itself, is only connected presently to the 3rd level, or the brown tiled part of the gallery now holding the Greenup collage series. They are connected through an escalator still, as they were in the older version (except the west escalator instead of the east escalator, the latter now being closed as the west was in the old ESG version). So an option would be for visitors to beam in near the escalator, and then access upper levels from there. Those that enjoy the collages on level 3, the next accessible level if I decide to create the main access point of the gallery here, can also visit the Wright House Gallery next, or travel up the beanstalk to more collages in the ESG itself. On that subject: I think I’ll put the projected Wheeler-Jasper collage series, that will close out the 10×10 soom, in the houses at the top of the gallery. This was a plan carried over from the last version of ESG, where I inserted the Yale-Newton collages into these houses before moving them over to the Wright House Gallery. Another option would be to put the Wheeler-Jasper series in the Wright House Gallery and move either the Oblong series or both the Rose Hill and Hidalgo series into these houses. As Hucka D. said, it seems that the location of the various parts of the 10×10 is a key to ESG’s success. I’m *leaning* toward putting the Oblong series in the houses, since it is a direct double to the Greenup collage series from below. And then, also , the Wheeler-Jasper series will be in the same space as its own twin of Yale-Newton (as are Rose Hill and Hidalgo, if I keep them in the Wright House Gallery).

Then the new levels between level 3 and levels 6-8 (the two houses) will be used to exhibit Edna Blinker’s photography.

Gee wiz that sounds like a *plan*.



Just going to add onto this particular post to relay new developments in the ESG.

Returning to the station itself, I haven’t decided whether to just leave the AA wallpaper up or put up the wallpaper that was in the station in the former version, the nicer, cleaner stuff. But I definitely want to add in the Esbum and Edwardston (Mythos) related pictures again, to provide a history of the station. Only 1 bathroom area exists still, as opposed to 5 formerly.

I’ve added onto the station quite a bit, actually, since this note. There are now 3 bathroom areas manifested instead of 1, and 1 of these in a new position from the old gallery, even. This is still less than the 5 in the old gallery, and I think my expansion of this level 1 is done now. And these areas are also already filled with art (!). Edna’s stuff takes up the east side, my stuff is to the west, and in the middle we still have material relating the story of the Edwardston Station (same pictures as from the last 2 versions of ESG essentially). On this level, Edna has her Charleston, SC pictures, contrasted with those from Pocahontas, Virginia. Basically the dichotomy is riches and ruins. On my side I’ve added in some entirely new SL pictures, including 10 really old collages (pre-10×10), and also 3 chromagraph studies, which worked out nicely despite the lack of high resolution images to upload into SL. I’ll provide pictures soon — really quite pleased with that given the circumstances. So all the art of mine in this lowest level is pre-10×10, since the chromagraphs are old, old news to me. Plan to do more of those now, though.

Oh, and I did decide to put up the wallpaper from the old level 1 in ESG version 2, although I left some AA textures around the escalator area and also the floor remains hers (for now). So that’s a review of what’s happening with level 1.

Levels 2 and 3 remain basically unchanged… still the Greenup series (first of 10×10) in level 3, the brown tiled area. I have added teleporters throughout the gallery now so that you can browse through the levels quicker. You can walk or teleport now — options. The spiral staircase surrounding the giant tree will remain.

On level 4 I’ve put Edna’s Land of Oz pictures again, and basically the same ones found on level 2 of ESG version 2. Works nicely there, and part of the next steps will be to look at the brand new Land of Oz pictures for additions to this level and perhaps the area behind it to the south I’ve collaged in now. Get to that in a minute.

The east wing of level 5 is taken up by Klutzy Kamper’s photos, also translated from version 2. The west area will probably have Edna’s photos again, perhaps mountain scenes.

Now to the new, south addition, just put in this afternoon. It’s base is the low prim Beach House again, like I used with the Wright House Gallery. But instead of 6 beach houses I use only 2, turning the top upside down on the bottom once more. But the design is the same, only I use 2 houses (working as one pair or one unit) instead of 6, as the Wright House Gallery has. This remains an empty space… thinking about putting Edna’s Blinkerton related photos here.

The higher levels above these remain unchanged, which means the two glued together Victorian houses are still there. I haven’t decided whether these will eventually house the projected Wheeler-Jasper collage series or not. Another option now is the new South Wing… oh, I was going to explain a little more that design. Well, within this, since the Beach House has 2 levels, there are now 4 levels (since the second is simply stacked on top of the first. There is no direct connection between the bottom 2 levels and the top 2 levels. Instead there are entrances at both the east wings of levels 4 and 5, just large enough to get through (an opening similar to the one found in level 3 to reach the spiral initially). Then there are 2 spiral stairs within this new wing itself so that you can move between the two internal levels of each twinned part. Again, I’ll have pictures soon that’ll explain better… hard to describe all this. But one of the interesting things to me is that in constructing this new wing realized that technically levels exist between 3 and 4, and also 5 and 6… 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 in other words. Very Being John Malkovichian!

But the problem, for me remains the relationship between the Wright House Gallery, holding the 60 collages of the 10×10 past the Greenup series, and the Edwardston Station Gallery which potentially will have to hold the 40 other collages of this series, or the beginning Greenup series (20 collages) and the ending Wheeler-Jasper series (20 collages as well). I still lilke the idea of putting the Wheeler-Jasper series in the 2 Victorian houses perched atop the ESG.

So some work remains: I must review Edna’s new Land of Oz photos, as well as mountain landscape photos. Must decide whether to accept more guest art, as I have done with KK’s collection. So far I have Edna’s Land of Oz, Charleston, and Pocahontas photos in the ESG, as well as my own pre-10×10 collages, a couple of chromagraphic studies, and then the first series of the 10×10 (Greenup).

Put teleporters at strategic points in the gallery for those who are either more interested in collages or more interested in photos, so they can teleport to appropriate places of interest. The way I’m thinking in this is that you have teleporters on the treehouse spiral just outside level 3 with the Greenup series that will whiz you across the Rubi forest if you wish to visit the next 60 collages of the 10×10, instead of progressing up to the photo areas. Then on the escalator going up to level 3 I’ll also put a teleporter allowing one to skip the collages of level 3, if that’s not their cup o’ tea.


Another thing that I contemplated and I just don’t think will work is moving the whole Wright House Gallery over to the Edwardston Station Gallery property as a skybox there, and probably at the 250m level again. Prim count is a problem to begin with. No, I think it’s best that the 10×10 remains split between the two galleries in practically terms, on the north and south side of the forest, as it were. *Ideally* they should all be together but I dont’ think that’s going to happen for some time.


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