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Loose Notes… October 6, 2008

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Today while hiking discovered another fabulous former lair of the Mossman civilization I decided to call Mocksity. Hey, I didn’t think about it when coining the name but there is resonance with another “pretend” city called Monkey City, from the Mythos planet and, specifically, the Mythos country of Wazob. Maybe I can play on that connection more later. Anyway, I actually chose the name Mocksity to reflect a kind of merger of Rock Deities and Mossmen at that location. Rock + Moss + City = Mocksity.

I’ll have photos soon of this city, which is, once again, along RIVER, as is Moss Main/Moss Most already described in former posts. It lies between the Moss Main/Moss Most complex and the portal system on same in Frank Park further downstream. I’ll also try to create a map of the RIVER showing the relationship between all these Mossmen related places.

To SL news now: Decided, at least for the present, to re-create the Edwardston Station Gallery in a simpler and hopefully cleaner and leaner fashion. The Rubi properties are still up for sale, although I’ve considerably jacked up the price on each. I’ll also have snapshots of that restoration soon. Have to decide what collections go where if I follow through with this plan of opening the ESG back up. Am trying to reduce amount of large size textures as much as possible.

I have still not decided if the craft Baker Bloch found at the bottom of the Ross Sea is The Arab, and, if so, whether it is from Mythos.

Come to think of it, The Abomination might be tied to Mossmen activities on the plane of toy avatars because, in the 7th Yale collage, the Abominable snow creature has the hand and sceptre of one of the Mossmen toy avatars (Gene Fade himself?). I now think the Abomination is tied to the presently non-corporeal Temple of TILE: both are based on the 3×3 pattern. The Abomination represents the Linden Grid, and nearby Hilo Peak, the highest of the low (SL underwater) peaks stands for Urtahra, the pre-Linden world that the square based grid was superimposed upon. Probably this means the Temple itself stands for this Grid, then, also based on square tiling as it is.

The Diagonal (Rubi) also stands for The Grid, then, in microcosmic form, as representing a single sim of this grid.


A Fuller Arcadia Asylum Ensemble…

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Ross Sea Related Stuff…

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Knowing that the Ross Sea lies directly south of the Okinu sim, Baker Bloch decides to re-examine the latter, once again, after finding what could be The Arab in the former. He decides to walk the diagonal of the sim, just as he did in Rubi. He decides he needs to walk this diagonal a number of times, but on different days and probably different weeks and even months. But on this particular day, the first time (and, up till the time of the writing of this text, the only time) he walks the left-to-right diagonal, he finds this glyph that could represent the ship itself, with its protruding superstructure (??). Probably not, but, again, I’m just recording this find into the blog here to cover all bases, just in case…

Interesting that you can peak under the water just above the Ross Falls…

Baker Bloch comes across this gallery near the southeast corner of the Ross Sea, which displays some photos of the prehistoric stone circle in the Lake District called Castlerigg, one of the best known and most visited of these kind of circles in England. Thought I’d note this since several of collages in the galleries also depict a Lake District rock circle, albiet a much less known one called ______. However, originally I thought the circle I had put my collages was Castlerigg… they share some similar qualities. Anyway, moving on…

This is not *really* Ross Sea related but was found by Baker Bloch while teleporting to various places on the Sansara map that looked “interesting”. Does the creator of this ship know, by chance, about the Mmmmmm civilization, though? Is he attempting to make fun of one of their goodmobiles with this craft in some way Baker can’t quite grasp? One the reasons I ask what probably seems to be these nonsensical questions is that the skybox structure Baker Bloch found this craft in looks on the map like a giant *tile*. You can see it here… obvious, eh? (and of the same color as the front of the Temple of TILE).

So a logical question to follow is: does the owner also know something about the game/philosophy/religion of TILE? Is there another Tilest in Second Life besides the wife and I??*

* In checking after writing this text, found the land is owned by a group called Coloverde Park Association. I joined for $10. I will report other things about this as they come up.