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Return to Kerchal, 2 September 27, 2008

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In wandering around the area more, this time in the Alice sim, Baker Bloch came across a duplicate to the newly placed Wright House in his Tyta home. He couldn’t help but look around inside to see how someone would decorate the same exact space. Overall, he liked the Tyta setup much better.

Another view of the structure with the great view of the Kerchal forest mentioned in part one of this little series, this time from a gully to the west. This looks like Baker Bloch is inside the forest but actually he’s not. Blochs was very pleased to find other spots of woods in the immediate vicinity of the main park area, as if, just like myself, they want to extend the forest beyond the Kerchal sim into other, neighboring sims. This indeed pleased him very much to find this apparent fact out.

Here would be another example of this “stretching” aspect… land found just to the west of the area where Baker Bloch took the snapshot from above. Very pleasant garden area full of waterfalls and higher prim trees (non-Lindens, that is).

And there’s the Kerchal forest again bordering the very edge of this parcel.

Surprisingly, Baker Bloch finds he has simply circled back around to the Ars Virtua gallery corner again, which also borders this property.


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