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Return to Kerchal, 1 September 27, 2008

Filed under: Kerchal Forest — baker Blinker @ 10:23 am

I went gallery hopping the other night (hopping… resonant word for this post!) and found myself moving from the Atoll continent down into Sansara, the continent below Heterocera (the “Atoll”) and the original SL mainland region, if you didn’t know already. Pretty much explored all the galleries of the second continent, you see, so this was a natural expansion of my SL gallery investigations.

Fairly soon came across this very interesting gallery in the Dowden sim called Ars Virtua, which was currently exhibiting, among other things, paintings of Furries. Below, Baker Bloch is contemplating the huge visage of some kind of half rabbit/half human entity.

And low and behold, while in the corner of the gallery, realized I was right next to Baker Blinker’s old Kerchal forest stomping grounds, which I don’t think Baker Bloch had ever visited. But through me he knew what it was.

Another exhibit in the gallery was this crystal formation that I didn’t quite get the meaning of. But now I have plenty of time to figure it out more, since I rent right next door.

Out into the forest Blochs ventures. Pretty big area, he thinks. He can see why Blinks would choose this location for the Baker’s Island doorway or portal (as it turned out).

Interesting structure near the nw corner of the Kerchal sim. In look around inside, there was not much to see, once again. Baker Bloch wondered about the reason for such an unfinished structure, and with such a wonderful view of the forest to brag about.


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