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Chat: Kerchal? September 27, 2008

Filed under: Kerchal Forest,Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett — baker Blinker @ 10:36 am

“Hi Hucka D.”.

Hucka D.:



I want…

Hucka D.:

You now have two forest stations, one on the Atoll and one on Sansara. You have returned.


Thank you for jumping right in Hucka D. What about Baker Blinker?

Hucka D.:

Of course.


She will help.

Hucka D.:

That’s where the curse started. It is good you have returned. Good clean cheap fun to be had there. Make maps. Study. Start with Land of Lincoln. Kerchal. Just do it.


How’s Grassy doing?

Hucka D.:

As soon as you sell the land he can get out of Super Wal Mart with his Floyd CD. Have you sold the land?


I don’t think so.

Hucka D.:

It is good that you have returned.

(to be continued?)


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