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Rabbit Holes (All Ears?) September 27, 2008

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Second sighting of an SL rabbit in less that 12 hours. Found in the Enceladus-Tethys Waterfall area already discussed a bit in this early post on my blog. But that’s not exactly why I was revisiting today. Took an inner tube ride over the waterfall, pointed out by my explorations in the Hilo Peak 1 area. Just happened to take me to the waterfall, which is covered in the next series of posts up in the blog.

Here’s the rabbit. Next to an outhouse. Outhouse… Outlands…? Filthy rabbit?


Revisiting Hilo Peak 1, 1

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Thought it was about time. Still made an impression on me, this contrast of “highest of the low” next to a peak much more obvious (and green!) to the outside world of SL. No one, I’m sure, has given a second thought about compartively shrimpish Hilo peak… except maybe for the particular group known as Urtahra (see above) that owns half of it. Other half is owned by one Vandu Stone. Named after a particular stone? (probably not)

Anyway, I did find Vandu Stone’s name mentioned in the SL wikia. He was a contributor to SL’s Beta phase along with many others, and his (her?) name is on a wall commemorating their efforts said to be on the border of Plum and Lime. (hey, there’s Lime again!). But in exploring this border today couldn’t find the commemorative wall.

Here’s that view again from the very bottom depth of SL (“0”) found right next to Hilo Peak.

Baker Bloch hovers near the peak, comparing it with the much larger Abomination Peak, behind it from this angle.

Notice the water line on The Abomination.

Then Baker Bloch takes this snapshot while sitting on a conveniently placed plywood cube nearby.

And very near these peaks we find what could be a research lab, much like I’ve created near the Kerchal forest. Probably not again, but one never knows. I did find a way inside… not much there except a desk and an office-type chair. About the same size as my Butler rental, actually.

Then a very mysterious thing happened. While Blochs was sitting on another cube, placed abovewater near the peaks this time, a very large, white cat appeared on a plywood end of a deck just below.

The cat then disappeared briefly, only to reappear in even larger form on the neighboring island.

Then the cat disappeared once again, and Baker Bloch thought the vision was over. However, upon turning his attention back to the peaks, saw that the cat, apparently smaller now, was right on top of the Abomination. Then as suddenly as he spied it, the cat winked out again, never to return that day.

Rather shaken from the vision, Baker looked around the area closer. In seeing this sign, realized that he was on the very southwest corner of what was known as the Outlands, the old warfare sims of SL. He wondered if the cat was some kind of ghost damaged or perhaps even destroyed during combat in the old damage-enabled sims. Or perhaps… perhaps it was an Ancient, even? From Urtahra???


Chat: Kerchal?

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“Hi Hucka D.”.

Hucka D.:



I want…

Hucka D.:

You now have two forest stations, one on the Atoll and one on Sansara. You have returned.


Thank you for jumping right in Hucka D. What about Baker Blinker?

Hucka D.:

Of course.


She will help.

Hucka D.:

That’s where the curse started. It is good you have returned. Good clean cheap fun to be had there. Make maps. Study. Start with Land of Lincoln. Kerchal. Just do it.


How’s Grassy doing?

Hucka D.:

As soon as you sell the land he can get out of Super Wal Mart with his Floyd CD. Have you sold the land?


I don’t think so.

Hucka D.:

It is good that you have returned.

(to be continued?)


Return to Kerchal, 2

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In wandering around the area more, this time in the Alice sim, Baker Bloch came across a duplicate to the newly placed Wright House in his Tyta home. He couldn’t help but look around inside to see how someone would decorate the same exact space. Overall, he liked the Tyta setup much better.

Another view of the structure with the great view of the Kerchal forest mentioned in part one of this little series, this time from a gully to the west. This looks like Baker Bloch is inside the forest but actually he’s not. Blochs was very pleased to find other spots of woods in the immediate vicinity of the main park area, as if, just like myself, they want to extend the forest beyond the Kerchal sim into other, neighboring sims. This indeed pleased him very much to find this apparent fact out.

Here would be another example of this “stretching” aspect… land found just to the west of the area where Baker Bloch took the snapshot from above. Very pleasant garden area full of waterfalls and higher prim trees (non-Lindens, that is).

And there’s the Kerchal forest again bordering the very edge of this parcel.

Surprisingly, Baker Bloch finds he has simply circled back around to the Ars Virtua gallery corner again, which also borders this property.


Return to Kerchal, 1

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I went gallery hopping the other night (hopping… resonant word for this post!) and found myself moving from the Atoll continent down into Sansara, the continent below Heterocera (the “Atoll”) and the original SL mainland region, if you didn’t know already. Pretty much explored all the galleries of the second continent, you see, so this was a natural expansion of my SL gallery investigations.

Fairly soon came across this very interesting gallery in the Dowden sim called Ars Virtua, which was currently exhibiting, among other things, paintings of Furries. Below, Baker Bloch is contemplating the huge visage of some kind of half rabbit/half human entity.

And low and behold, while in the corner of the gallery, realized I was right next to Baker Blinker’s old Kerchal forest stomping grounds, which I don’t think Baker Bloch had ever visited. But through me he knew what it was.

Another exhibit in the gallery was this crystal formation that I didn’t quite get the meaning of. But now I have plenty of time to figure it out more, since I rent right next door.

Out into the forest Blochs ventures. Pretty big area, he thinks. He can see why Blinks would choose this location for the Baker’s Island doorway or portal (as it turned out).

Interesting structure near the nw corner of the Kerchal sim. In look around inside, there was not much to see, once again. Baker Bloch wondered about the reason for such an unfinished structure, and with such a wonderful view of the forest to brag about.