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Once More: Changes September 26, 2008

First off, finally gave up the rental store in Cecropia owned by Zimmy Zulah. I’m gonna miss it, but not that much. The giving up seems to be directly tied, though, with Baker Bloch moving his gallery explorations from the Atoll continent (which this store in Cecropia lies almost at the very southern tip of) to the oldest mainland continent of Sansara immediately below.

Then here’s a contrast of old (merged Victorian house “remnants” of old Edwardston Station Gallery in Rubi) and new (just completed Wright House Gallery hovering at a comparatively lofty 250 meters). The Wright House Gallery lies about 200 meters north by northwest. One might think me psycho for giving up the Rubi gallery for such a vertigo-inducing location suitable only for the birds (sorry!).

Then a shot back to the Edwardston Station Gallery remanent, ie, the Victorian houses, from the new Wright House on the ground, positioned directly south of the middle of the gallery. There’s a reason for this: the Wright House Gallery is actually just this house copied and moved into the sky, then duplicated on each side and then the 3 duplicates now duplicated in whole again and turned upside down on the original 3 duplicates. That make sense? So that’s one, original Wright House on the ground, and 6 duplicate Wright houses in the air, smunched altogether to make the Wright House gallery. Thus the name is quite appropriate, you see. It’s a house turned into a gallery six times larger in about the simplest manner possible. And I like to do simple whenever possible.

Nighttime look at the ground house from Baker Bloch’s chair position on the second floor. The downstairs has a blue light, the upstairs a green one. There are 4 such lights in the gallery, but all are white there.

Then a look down at ZL’s gallery and my old gallery location from the new gallery with its broad windows on each floor giving these great views to the south. You have to set your draw distance to about 256 meters, though.

Then a view from the other (northern) side. You have a very narrow and unfenced in porch for vantage points in that direction. Hey, isn’t that a pink car down there near that pink colored building next to the Wall? Pink Floyd? Wall? Rick Wright? Might mean something (snicker!).