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Chatting Once More… September 23, 2008

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“Whoever is there come in please. Come in Grassy, Hucka, Grassy2?”

(no answer.)


Well, then, it looks like it might be just us. I wanted to reflect tonight — so much is going on, as usual. Grassy or Grassy1 may still be lost in a West Virginia Super Wal-Mart, new Pink Floyd cd in tow. Grassy2 is now among us, and quieter than the original, maybe a little sharper as well in both a positive and negative way. Hucka D. has been extremely helpful in all this, but sometimes I think his heart is half in it. Mind is elsewhere. Just observations here, not criticisms. Just stating the way it is or seems to be.

I do know some additional things now from the Phaze 7 just passed through, and which roughly corresponds with the ownership of the Ziczac property just sold and replaced by similar sized property bordering the Ruby Forest. I know about The Arab… it is in the temple now, with cargo unloaded (?). Somehow the cargo is the same as the Diagonal running left-to-right across the Ruby/Rubi sim and strongly pointing out the presence of TILE in this sim above and beyond my temple. The forest seems to hold the key. Is it a microcosm of some macrocosm, still detectable by geomantic methods?

Grassy has indicated the ship The Arab is from Missouri, and was found 1/2 mile from the Current River, at what’s called Camp Zoe where they hold hippie-type concerts round the year. Sounds like a fun place, but you wouldn’t catch me there in a million years — I have a strong dislike of crowds. But that’s where the ship was found, and this is somehow mirrored in the now defunct Zoe property of Ziczac, indicating its ultimate “resting place” in the Temple of TILE with its tic tac toe exterior. That’s what Ziczac in combination with Zoe was pointing out: the temple. But this *also* represents the left-to-right diagonal of the overall sim the temple lies within, or what I’m just calling The Diagonal. All these seemingly meaningful little coincidences are obviously connected, I’m just not clear about the overall picture yet. I do know it has, also, to do with Grassy1’s trip to the Super Wal-Mart in West Virginia. If he ever gets out, I think he’ll have some more valuable information to relay to us.

But what of the cargo of The Arab? But it’s not The Arab… it’s only called that because it contains the Foreign One. Arab is the Foreign One, then. I don’t think it has to do with oil, although that would be a logical parallel to draw in. Is the Foreign One, then, from Mythos? This is a stronger probability; in fact, I’m almost certain that the cargo and Mythos are directly related. And also [delete name], then, who is said to rule this planet overall.

Hucka D.:

I’m here.


Hucka! Nice to have you around tonight.

Hucka D.:

Mythos is key. Lock and key. Foreign One. Chairs. Contents. Roller Coaster. Trans-Floyd.


How do I corral all this huge pile of potential information?

Hucka D.:

A table will do.


Like the table in the middle of the Foreign One chairs? 57,57,98?

Hucka D.:

That’ll do.

(to be continued?)


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