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Stretching The Forest A Tiny Bit… September 22, 2008

Filed under: Rubi Forest,Ziczac Sim — baker Blinker @ 5:58 am

Well, I think we’re officially at the doorway of Phaze 8 of this blog. I just sold the Ziczac/Zoe property to a grateful neighbor, and have replaced it with property essentially bordering the Ruby Forest, but not in the same sim as my gallery. And I decided to just kinda extend the forest a bit for starts. I’m still paying the same tier. Hated to give up the Ziczac property but it seems the right thing to do. And I think I might resurrect B_Hivia on the new land (!), but maybe double the height. Also I’ll probably put it way up in the air, unlike the Temple of TILE in Rubi. Now whether I also extend the gallery to the new B_Hivia I’m not sure, but that’s what plans I have now.

Initial pictures of the property:

Ain’t it purdy?!

I hope the Lindens don’t mind that the eucalyptus trees hang over my property line a bit on the road side, but for a good purpose: to match the same across the road in the forest proper.