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Zic-zac-zoe > The Arab September 19, 2008

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So here’s the ship I’ve been talking about in recent posts. Doesn’t have a *fixed* name yet but I’m leaning, right now, toward Zic-zac-zoe or perhaps Ziczac-zoe, to indicate a probable location it was found buried at, which is the Zoe property in the Ziczac sim where our family house is located (see: renaming of Ziczac property to Zoe above for more on this). Also another strong probable location for the ship was Camp Zoe, where they hold all those Deadhead related festivals throughout the year, Schwagstocks I think they’re called. Camp Zoe is a 1/2 mile from the *Current* River in that location, on Sinking Creek, and The Arabian was found, according to the wikipedia article on that subject, 1/2 mile from the *current* river, which means, in that case, the Missouri River. But Grassy says that the two rivers are one under the most *current* or up-to-date interpretations. Most definitely Camp Zoe has something to do with this ship that has seemingly just suddenly appeared in the temple.

At first, I thought the boat’s name might be The Arab, similar to The Arabian, then. But I think keyword “Arab” appears in our attempted interpretation, through synchronistic resonance, to indicate more the presence of a “foreign one” or “Foreign One”, which has now been connected to Big Four, West Virginia and Grassy1’s current presence there. “Foreign One” was part of or perhaps all of the cargo involved.

Let’s just move into a description of the ship itself. As you can see, I punched another hole in the top of the temple to make room for the superstructure of the vessel, here viewable from the Viewing Level of the temple, beside the teleporter on that level.

The ship’s hull runs along the entire northern length of the temple, making it 30 meters long as well in that direction.

This is the other end of the ship, and underneath I’ve left the table and 3 chairs from before. I have a feeling that this may become a regular meeting place for those involved in researching the ship. We’ll see.

Through an opening created in the hull, Baker Bloch is allowed access to the old deck of the ship by walking up the roof of the Newton House, which the ship can be said to be perched upon in a manner of speaking. This is where the precious cargo was stored, of which not a stitch remains as far as Blochs can tell. What happened to it?

Blochs then moves to the top of the temple to better examine the superstructure.

“Boy this is one cramped little walkway,” he might think, and indeed one has to wonder at the size of the former occupants, given that Baker Bloch’s hat bedecked head will *just* fit under the roofing here.


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