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Diagonal, Part 6 (A Different Diagonal… Or Is It???) September 18, 2008

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In finding all this oddity surrounding the forest of Rubi, on a whim Baker Bloch decides to revisit the Corsica island forest the same night as creating snapshots for the planned-to-be 5 part Diagonal series of this blog. First off, upon checking more closely he found that the size of this forest was, surprisingly, a little less than the sim. It looks larger than that to the naked eye because of all the trees involved.

Another thing Baker Bloch discovered upon this closer examination was that the forest wasn’t completely rectangular: one corner of it had been removed, one could say. Baker walked around the forest floor to check coordinates. He found its length (east-to-west) was the same size as the inclusive sim. And the forest ran all the way to its northern border. However, in the south it began 64 meters up from the border in that direction. Here’s the weird part of all this, though, which I really thought odd at the time but whose edge has been tempered a bit as well. The little notch in the forest, in the southwest corner, is precisely 32 x 32 meters, which means the Corisca woods on the western border are *exactly the same length* as the Ruby Forest, since both start 96 meters up from this corner. The difference is, of course, that the Ruby Forest is a perfect rectangle, while the otherwise likewise rectangular Corsica forest contains this notch.

But at the time I was asking myself: first off, why did I miss this notch upon inspection of the forest during the original visit, and also *why* did this notch just happen to resurface the lower line numbers of the Ruby Forest? Quite bizarre I thought, and I wondered (and still do to something of a lesser degree) whether there’s some kind of synchronistic resonance going on between the two woods that was causing this.

But later on, after studying the matter further, found that these lines and corresponding coordinates mark specific fractions of an entire sim line. Namely — ignoring the notch for just a second — the fact that the forest starts 64 meters north of the southern border of the sim means that its area has been reduced by 1/4th in comparison to a whole 256m x 256m sim, since 64 is 1/4th of 256. Also, 96, as we know now, marks the 3/8ths point along such a line. Thus the 32m x 32m notch in the southwest corner of the forest simply represents a specific whole number fraction of the sim, since its forms a square that is 1/64th the size of the enclusive sim, or 1/8th its length all around (32 meters being 1/8th of 256 meters).

So certainly some of the mystery was drained out of this upon discovering these fractional measurements, but I still can’t put it out of my mind that something strange is going on in Corsica still.

I plan to go back soon to do more studying.


Diagonal, Part 5 (SW Corner)

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So just to complete the story of the left-to-right sim diagonal in Rubi, here Baker Bloch stands at 15,15,92, and within sight of the extreme southwest corner of the diagonal, which would lie at 0,0,sumtin, he knew.

And here’s Blochs at that spot, finding the elevation to be exactly 90 meters. Baker Bloch is relieved to find out that the rest of the world outside of Rubi didn’t wink out here, unlike what happened when he was at the opposite corner of the sim.

And then, lastly, he stands at 33,33,94, just on the other side of the corner of the gallery containing the fountain colored red, green, blue, and yellow already discussed in the last post of this series.

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Diagonal, Part 4 (Other Gallery)

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So now we return to the starting point of 97,97,97 and move *down* the Diagonal into inhabited land instead of up through the forest. This is the other half of the picture, perhaps. When I, as Baker Bloch, was originally standing in this 97,97,97 spot I noticed that I could clearly see the 4 chairs through ZL’s gallery windows already spotlighted in this blog as being strong w/ the force of TILE. But what I certainly didn’t know at the time was that Baker Bloch, in this snapshot from several weeks back now, was standing *right on* the as-yet-unknown synchy Diagonal line of the sim when snapping this picture. Let’s demonstrate…

So in moving down The Diagonal to position 61,61,96 now, Blochs finds he is right outside the window. Could the Diagonal possibly run right through the center of the circle containing these chairs? he ponders.

And, yes, he found it did. Here he stands at 56,56,97.

He decides to “sit” on the central table to get its coordinates. An awkwardly positioned baker is now at 57,57,97. Since the table obviously centers the circle of chairs, then, yes, they are all directly aligned to the left-to-right Diagonal of the whole sim.

Now I must say here that this oddity seemed queerer when I first ran across than upon later examination and research. Turns out it is aligned to the corner of ZL’s property here, which is on this diagonal. I’ll attempt to create a map soon to show these property/diagonal alignments more clearly. But still I think there is synchronicity present for certain, with a powerful piece of evidence found at the *other* corner of the gallery also lying on this diagonal.

In the following 4 snapshots, Baker Bloch takes turns sitting in each chair of the configuration, first green, then red, then blue, then yellow. He is amazed, at the time, to find that the first two coordinates, the ones that determines the location of the diagonal, invert each other in red-green and blue-yellow pairings as follows:

57,58,98 (green)
58,57,98 (red)
55,58,98 (blue)
58,55,98 (yellow)

He is amazed at this because these colors are also inverted in a similar way in the philosophy of TILE, and through a circular arrangement again. I’ll insert a picture of the TILE arrangement here shortly.

But for me, the clincher that something weird is still going on here is this fountain also positioned on the Diagonal, but in a directly “opposite” corner of the gallery. This is where the left-to-right sim Diagonal exits the gallery, just as the semi-circle of chairs is where it comes in. Notice the colors: red, green, blue, yellow again (note: the Diagonal runs exactly through the center of the red, circular bowl). Now, in looking around the quite large floor of the gallery and the multitude of sculptures present, I found only one other sculpture or related set of sculptures colored in a similar way. It’s not a floor full of sculptures of these colors, in other words.

In rechecking the coordinates this morning, Esbum Michigan finds that the center of this bowl, and thus sculpture, is at 35,35,97.

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Diagonal, Part 3 (NE Corner)

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Here at 244,244,116, Baker Bloch has reached the Atoll road to the north of the forest, and stands a mere 12 meters south of Rubi sim’s northern border. He’s looking back along the line from whence he came.

Here he’s at the extreme northerneast corner of the sim, as far as you can go without crossing into another sim (256,256,116).

A remarkable thing happens as Baker Bloch continues to stand in this place and look around: all the 3 sims around Rubi in this spot wink out of existence, seemingly. Actually I’ve encountered this kind of event a number of times now, but it’s a really cool visual anyway, despite its causal nature (something about being in-between two or more simulators).

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Diagonal, Part 2 (Forest)

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So here we are at 108, 108, 98, or 11 meters north up along this diagonal I speak of. Now just to paint a complete picture, of course there would be two of these kinds of diagonals running across opposite corners of any one, square-shaped sim (and again, they’re all 256m x 256m square). But for practical purposes only the left-to-right diagonal can be followed using the coordinate numbers, since this is the direction that produces the two needed equal numbers to trace the line. But just as a contrast and as far as I’m thinking it through, walking along the other, right-to-left diagonal would create the most *widely* divergent numbers possible among these two produced by any one stride. Believe that makes sense.

At 124,124,98, Baker Bloch encounters this tree in the way.

With another small step he is actually absorbed into the phantom tree, now at 125,125,98. This is the only place along the diagonal that Baker Bloch *directly* encounters a tree head-on, and also the only place that he can actually fully disappear from sight. Just fyi.

And although I didn’t take a picture of Baker Bloch walking through this location, the exact center of the sim, at 128,128 (one-half of 256 in all horizontal directions), lies just beyond this tree. This would also be the centerpoint of the left-right diagonal, and where it would also meet up with the unwalkable right-left diagonal of course.

Another, smaller tree is met at 142, 142. Unlike the first, which is a massive eucalyptus tree btw (such as the one formerly centering B_Hivia), this one cannot hid Baker Bloch inside it, however much he seems to be trying here.

Baker Bloch at 150,150,99. As you can kind of tell at this point, the forest itself — in fact the whole sim — is essentially flat except at its far, upper right corner, which we’ll reach in a moment.

Another tree, this time a cedar I believe, encountered at 184,184,100. The ground is now starting to climb a bit as Baker gets nearer the upper corner.

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Diagonal, Part 1 (All Things Being Equal)

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When I first ran across this little oddity in the middle of the night, I was pretty excited. Here was surely the only place in the whole sim that I live in where the 3 location coordinates match each other: 97, 97, 97. As such measurements begin in the lower left corner of any sim, this means that Baker Bloch is standing 97 meters from the south line of the sim, 97 meters from the west line of the sim, and is also 97 meters above SL “sea level”. What sea level means in SL is a topic for another day, although I’ve never run across a place where this number turns negative. “0” is, to my knowledge, the “bottom” of this virtual reality.

So here Baker Bloch stands at this unique place in the sim. There are other oddities attached to it. For one, Blochs is standing right on the border of the vast Ruby Forest (again I call it Ruby instead of Rubi for a particular reason) which I know now takes up 5/8ths of this sim, or the entire northern part of the sim and then a little more. Here is a line, then, dividing the sim into its two basic parts: the livable, buyable, sellable part, the inhabited region in other words, and then that part which will never be developed and will remain natural for apparently as long as SL is around. Baker Bloch then stands on the edge, at this unique spot in his own chosen microcosm, between man and nature in a virtual sense.

As you can see when I leave the interface showing in the snapshot, this line I speak of, shown in yellow now, is not *right* where Baker Bloch is standing although it’s very close. I now know, in doing a little subsequent research and mapping the coordinates of the entire sim out for better visualization and analysis, that the this line is at 96 meters north, not 97. In other words, it is exactly 3/8ths up in the sim from the bottom (a sim is always a square with the length of a side being 256 meters).

The land just to the south of Blocks is owned by the other gallery owner in the sim, ZL, who also is its biggest landholder by a considerable margin (just for a comparison, out of __ other owners I am the 3rd largest landholder, with a little less than half the property of ZL). You can see the main building in his gallery complex in the snapshots above and below, and that’ll play a big part in our “Diagonal” story in just a minute.

I use the two snapshots below to show the reader just how close Baker Bloch is to this line, though, in a practical sense. The first is a picture of Blochs on ZL’s land. The coordinates here read 97,95,97.

But one more stride and he’s out of the inhabited region and into the forest itself, now at 97,97,97. So Baker Bloch here actually strides over the 96 coordinate; it doesn’t register on his interface at all. This means, I suppose, that Baker’s stride is a healthy two meters or so.

Thought I’d also include this shot since you can see the edge of my gallery to the right. Blochs is not very far at all from home, then.

Now let’s go ahead and send Baker Bloch into the woods. You see, a logical extension of this unique 97,97,97 spot seemed to me to explore the diagonal that it lies on, and which runs across the entire sim southwest to northeast. The diagonal is easily traced on foot because the first 2 coordinates (leaving out the 3rd, elevation coordinate number) would always be the same, like we have with 97,97,97. If you stray from this diagonal, one just moves up or down to find the place where the 2 numbers become equal again. Simple enough? Let’s head into the woods then.

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