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Corsica September 16, 2008

Filed under: Linden Memorial Island — baker Blinker @ 12:07 am

A quite interesting and quite empty island that you can find here. I haven’t venture out to the edge of the world in quite some time, and now that the gallery is basically finished (I think!) can afford that luxury again. There’s not much in the way of wilderness on this edge, unlike some other times I’ve browsed. This island, in fact, is the only larger chuck of vacant land that I could find in my limited scan. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled better now.

Below is a long shot taking in almost the entire island. As you can see, the main distinguishing feature is a huge square of pine trees located more toward the western end. My guess is that it’s more than a sim in area.

There’s Baker Bloch running toward the trees after landing on the east side of the island.

Reaching the trees, a little out of breath.

A more open spot in the forest, allowing Baker to look around a bit. He sees only more trees.

Just when it seems the forest might magically go on forever and ever, Blochs pops out the other side to more totally void land. The square of trees are absolutely the only objects on the island, save maybe some extra-forest patches of grass here and there.

An aerial view looking west to east this time.

Baker hovering over the dense expanse of trees.

View from south.


2 Responses to “Corsica”

  1. […] similarly packed, in fact, to the pine forest I found on the what I though was called Corsica Island at first, but turned out to b…. That forest is gone Hucka D., by the […]

  2. […] it’s grown about twice the size of its original version, the one I visited last fall and recorded in this post. The intentions seem to be to make it some sort of Linden memorial, but don’t know the […]

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