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Gallery/Temple Tour, Part 3 September 9, 2008

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There’s still the small alcove room at the top of the escalator, and then going through the sliding doors, we still have the Hidalgo collage collection on this side of the upper level. However, the pictures have been rearranged, and there’s no trace of the Oblong series that use to share this space with the Hidalgo series. But it’s coming up soon enough: I decided to separate the two series physically, allowing only a small passage to link the two…

…which we find here after heading through the next pair of sliding doors to the left.

Well, *that’s* certainly new, Baker Bloch might think at this point.

But he finds that if he continues around the right of the tree he enters the second and larger part of the upper level, containing the complete Oblong series and its 20 inclusive collages.

Once more the space has been opened up to better view the collection at a glance or series of glances.

A view down through the semi-transparent dome of the gallery to all 3 levels.

Satisfied he’s taken in all the changes to this side of the upper level as well, Baker Bloch heads back to the tree. Once again it’s onward and upward!


Gallery/Temple Tour, Part 2

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There are now teleporters on both the northern and southern sides of the gallery. Here Baker Bloch uses the “down” teleporter of the newer south side pair on the middle level to access the lower level. As you can see from these first couple of photos this is a pretty empty area, and now much altered from the original Arcadia Asylum subway stations I collaged together to make this space. Most of the walls have been deleted, making one large room. There are also two smaller rooms in the “front” that I’ll get to in a moment. But for right now, the only pictures in this large open area are two Blinkerton composites. I haven’t quite decided what kind of art I want to hang here yet.

Here’s a look up into the higher levels from the open area. It’s about 60 feet from the top of the roof to the floor at the bottom here.

And we still have the smaller room with the Edwardston Station related pictures described in this post, including the Esbum/Edwardston sim stuff and also the Edwardston/Mythos photos.

Then we also still have this 1 working escalator in the gallery in the next and last room of our tour of this level, and now with a transparent wall allowing one to view the pool outside, compete with a tree trunk and a hobo fish perpetually circling this trunk. I’ll have more to say about that tree in moment.

Up the escalator we go!


Gallery/Temple Tour, Part 1

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So I think things have settled down enough at the gallery/temple to give a tour. Here’s where you beam in initially, the “front door”. Photography is still on the middle level of the gallery. To your left is now the Klutzy Kamper collection (formerly in a room to the right). All the small brick walled rooms have been deleted to make the space on this level much more open. In fact, most walls have been knocked down in the gallery since my last blog entry on this subject — sharing pictures, etc. This saves a lot of prims, plus gives people a better understanding of what the gallery is about at first glance. As I understand and even grok with, users usually have a very short attention span as far as visiting spaces in SL. So I didn’t want to hang them up at first by hiding the art in various small rooms only accessible from tunnels, however attactive the idea was. It’s really not that practical, however, in SL.

And to the right we still have Edna Million/Blinker photos, but I had to delete, at least for now, the Charleston related photos. We are left, however, with the quite large numbered and entertaining and beautifully colored Land of Oz pictures. I plan to also add more Edna photos in other parts of the gallery soon.

Then rounding the corner on the Edna side of the middle level we now come to a balcony and open area which gives a view/glimpse into the various levels of the gallery, or all 3 current floors of the gallery (as I’m calling them: upper, middle and lower).

Then continuing around a tight corner we come to the “back” of the Klutzy Kamper photos, which are still made up of the Grandfather and Glacier National Park collections.


The Wall Point…

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Geomantic omphalos to the Quadrobeavs. More soon on them…


Rock Gods

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Rock temples found at Moss Most upon a return trip several days later. Enjoy as the ladybug does!