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Running the Atoll’s Second Life RR, Part 6 of ? August 4, 2008

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Continuing south down the railroad again, Baker Bloch spies additional Heart pines looming over the top of a rock cliff.

Another rr station, for the Clearwing sim this time.

And then the station down from that one (Crenulate). This is the first place that another railroad has joined the main railroad I’ve been hiking on all this time. Pretty juncture… must head up this “side” railroad soon for more adventures.

Yet another station, Agirus this time. We’re getting pretty far down into the continent again here, with flatter land beginning to dominate once more.

Then I thought I’d end this post with the discovery of the second Pink Floyd related image found by Baker Bloch on his railroad adventures in the Heteracera Atoll continent, this time from the Dark Side of the Moon album. I can’t recollect the exact location of this dance floor, but it’s somewhere above Agirius, on the downward side of the railroad.

Baker dances something called the Black Orchid. You know, he’s pretty good! Quite agile.

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2 Responses to “Running the Atoll’s Second Life RR, Part 6 of ?”

  1. […] ending the hike in Crenolate (map 3) at the forking of the SL railroad already described a bit in this post. Also near the top are the highest range of mtns., which then level off at either end. I’ll […]

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