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Running the Atoll’s Second Life RR, Part 1 of ? August 1, 2008

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So it seemed appropriate that since the Great Second Life Railroad almost makes a complete loop around the Heterocera Atoll continent and my shop/gallery was set up almost at the southern terminal of such, that I start at my shop, right?, and run the entire almost-loop. So that’s what started to happen even before the gallery was open.

Just to the north of the sim my gallery is located in, we find what’s called on the SL map “HOBO”. I’ve already mentioned and provided a picture of the Arcadia Asylum mecca in the former post that’s found in the sim directly north of mine (Caletta). A little further north in Oculea the hobo/urban grunge related derilects continue with structures like this shack in a wheat field, complete with cows and hobo campfire and also one of those rusty metal windmills that my neighbor on AI1 has. And of course some of this is Asylum created, as is rampant in the area. Nifty.

Then right next to the wheat field shack we have this huge structure called Unity Station that looks like something straight out of communist Russia circa 1950s. Floor after floor, 9 in all, of pure emptiness with alternating straight and spiral ramps connecting them, and with literally hundreds and hundreds of tiny windows on each floor arranged in a checkerboard-type pattern. I took a picture of a fist sculpture positioned on the bottom floor near the entrance to the whole thing– maybe this means something obvious in relationship to the whole building but I couldn’t figure it out. Tooter Claxton is the name of the fist’s creator.

Above Oculea in Neumogeon we come to more open space and breathing room, which was admittedly welcome. I mean, I like urban grunge stuff obviously, but I prefer to contrast it with more natural settings. I inserted a snapshot of the Neumogeon Station here in this post above — there are beautiful little stations, all very different in structure and feel, positioned all along the railroad, and I”ll be presenting pictures of some more in future posts as well. Btw, there is a forest of simply towering trees (redwoods?) just across the railroad from this station.

Speaking of towering, here’s some really big flowers growing near the railroad, but not as near as this photo would indicate. That’s how big they are.

Another station, this time for the Eppirrhoe sim.

Baker Bloch continues north. Still a longs ways to go, with many stops along the way!

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