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Hidalgo Gallery Expanded (!), Part 4 (To Finish Off) July 22, 2008

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An aerial shots now. The new gallery is, in effect, spread out over most of area of the two properties I own.

A rather tangled mass of black and orange.

One more area Baker Bloch finds while wandering the grounds… the remains of yet another subway entrance, this time partially submerged into the ground itself.

And then yet another escalator, but with the working “bits” removed, and also leading to a dead end.

The gallery and grounds from directly overhead. You can see how spread out it is.

I should also add here that the position of the old Hidalgo Gallery was little altered in the transition to new, mega-gallery (mega compared with the old one, that is). It was only raised a couple of meters and perhaps moved back toward the road ,oh, maybe less than a meter this time. I feel actually pretty lucky to pull off all this aligning of different and often disparate parts so that it actually works for the most part.


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