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Hidalgo Gallery Expanded (!), Part 1 July 22, 2008

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Very large and very unexpected Hidalgo Gallery modifications, all in the span of a couple of hrs. (!) This time Baker Blinker is the lone constructionist. She sends in Baker Bloch again to use his observation and photography skills in looking the place over. She says to start at the road and look for a hidden opening. Here Blochs teleports in just to the west of the property line. “That does look different,” he thinks, “the gallery is raised off the ground in a different way.”

Looking for the entrance from the road, Baker Bloch revisits the pool area and was at first shocked to find the 2 upper, smaller pools now merged into one larger pool abutting a very large, dark structure that reminded him of much of the Arcadia Asylum material used in the Temple of TILE renovations. And in checking the creator’s name, sure enough, found it was Asylum stuff again. The grafitti on the side of the wall here, obviously, is one giveaway. But after thinking about it later on, Blochs approves of the modifications. He was, however, glad to find the lowest and deepest of these small pools to the north of the old Victorian house little altered.

Two tiny little islands here as well. Baker Blinker later tells Baker Bloch that the formerly largest pool on the property under the old Victorian house (also deleted now, of course) has been wiped out. And that these two tiny little islets are the only “islands” on the property now.

Looking up the rather massive black structure that Blochs doesn’t understand the nature of yet.

Baker Bloch finds the “hole” just above and in front of the new pool described above. It’s an entrance to some kind of subway system! This must be the Asylum subway station Baker Blinker mentioned she couldn’t use in the temple. Blinks later tells Baker that she had to dig the maximum number of meters down (only 4 allowed on Azure Islands) to correctly place the subway, and even then only the middle part remains aboveground. But Baker Bloch thinks it still works this way — not the train system itself, because no train was to be found here (Blochs later learns that the subway came with a train but Blinks deleted it to keep the prim count lower), but just the aesthetics of the place.

And then to the station entrance itself. Baker Bloch didn’t realize it yet, but Blinks actually collaged *two* separate subway entrances together as one here, with the most obvious difference being that one contained an escalator while the other didn’t. Baker Bloch’s first stop is the entrance where there is no escalator. Instead a maintenance ladder, such as the one in the sewer system of the Temple of TILE, beckons him upwards and onwards, once more.

But first a look around the back rooms. These are two bathrooms that Blinker has pulled the fixtures out of, again primarly to reduce prim count. Baker Blinker later reveals to Baker Bloch that she had to delete 8 comodes in total in these renovations, along with a number of stalls, sinks, and even baby changing stations. “Forgive me Arcadia!” she then adds.

Is Baker Bloch shaking once more? Get on up there you poor little scardy cat!


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