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Esbum’s Pond July 18, 2008

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Thought I’d throw in a more high definition photo this time of what Hucka D. is calling Esbum’s Pond now. The two parts of the pond appear to be of about equal area. Hucka D. thinks this is meaningful. More soon on that.

Then back to my regular resolution shots. Some interesting photos of the pond and S-Bum with camera constraints disabled. Through the photo below you can get a good idea of the two parts of the pond and the size and depth of each. S-Bum sits on a platform that lies below the surface of one side of the pond, complete with a fire and also 2 rocks to sit on and admire it from.

Up through the lily pads.

Is S-Bum getting younger?? Maybe it’s just the effects of the pond.

On the other side of the pond now looking up as S-Bum looks down at us.

But then to the task at hand. The Missing Piece is magically broken in two…

….and reduced to a singular point accompanied by a dance of ghostly lights.


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