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Big Falls, Skywalk, New Front Of Temple July 17, 2008

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I experimented with a lot of textures before settling on this particular one to cover the “front” of the temple. You like? It’s a temple of tile, after all, so why not cover it with tile? Makes sense.

Then we go with Baker Bloch inside to look at the bottom of what Hucka D. is calling, simply enough, Big Falls. Appropriate name, since the falls span the complete vertical height of the temple, making a total of 30 meters. 10 meters are seen here in this lower part of the falls. I also like the logic of the water of the falls emptying into Bag Pool (just out of sight near Baker Bloch’s feet in below photo). Perhaps Hucka D. should think about renaming them *Bag* Falls. Maybe not.

Then it’s up to Floor 3 to view the remaining 20 meter drop… this is actually a pretty impressive sight, one of the finest in the temple.

From the bottom of the top drop…

Then up the stairs we go again to get a view from nearer the top of the falls. I wanted to say here that you can just make out the 90% transparent circle that we’re calling the Sky Walk. Can you see it? I thought you could.

And actually you can see it still here in this shot, just below the waterfall’s top. Blochs is standing on a corner of Floor 6 again for this photo.

A longer view of the new tile exterior of the temple’s front. I also changed the texture of the other sides to a kind of scratched metal type thingie. You dig more? Thought so.

Better, eh?


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  1. […] show through. Looks better now for sure with the smooth, continuous (blue) tiles returned, a look originally created for the temple at its Azure Island location. In fact, there are several things about the new pipe system that remind me of this old AI skybox, […]

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