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Hucka’s Letter, 3 July 1, 2008

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Dear Bakers:

Grassy and I did not realize it until yesterday, when the holiday crowd started moving in, that Tyler Bend is actually the site of a campground (!). So I’m not sure we’ll be able to build the temple there. We are curently camped out at Lane Bend, checking it out. All this has to do with Walt SIDney, of course.
Grassy is already getting homesick. On top of that, or perhaps causing it or egging it on in the first place, he said he found something in a trash can at Tyler Bend, left by some of the campers most likely, that scared him pretty badly. In a book, he said at first. He stated it had something to do with he and Gipsey Purse, and also started ranting on about the Spillway movie again. Said maybe he should return to the Land of the Mmmmmm’s and [CREEK] to finish it. He said — mind you he had been drinking a bit when he was telling me all this — but he talked about reversing the spill, and that his Gipsey was involved and the movie The Arab. Then he started mumbling stuff about Alabama, and out of the mumbles I was able to piece together that the book he found in the trash was a road atlas, and what scared him was something he saw on the Alabama pages of that atlas. Then I got out of him that he tore out those particular pages and threw the rest of the atlas back in the trash. “Well. show me what scared you Grassy,” I said to him, knowing now he had these pages, but he said he couldn’t. I mean, he showed me the pages, shook them at me even, and then put them back in his pack, saying all the time that, “you don’t want to know, you don’t want to know.”
So today Grassy goes on his usual walk by the river, and I stay behind, feigning illness from drinking a little of his nip the night before — which I didn’t do, mind you, but he wouldn’t know the difference since he was so sloshed himself. I also knew that he might have been sloshed enough not to remember showing me the pages. So I rummaged through his pack and, sure enough, the pages were still there: Alabama north and Alabama south, as it were. I looked and looked over these two parts of one map, trying to figure out what scared Grassy so badly, and after scanning quite a bit I finally came across what I believe it was. So I kindly request that you, once again, allow me to talk to the collective, baker b., about this. Baker b.?

“Yeah I’m right here, Hucka. We’re out of the letter format now.”

Hucka D.:

Is spill the same as *spell*? Gipsey Purse… is that Gipsey *curse*?

(to be continued)


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  1. […] I’m saying that it doesn’t apply for *Grassy*. I’ve figured some things out, about the Alabama maps and what Grassy said at Tyler Bend, when you attempted to find an Earth spot to build the Temple of TILE. Grassy is next to Gypsy in […]

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