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Hucka’s Letter, 2 June 30, 2008

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Dear Bakers:

How quickly things change! I am not in Kentucky any longer but in Arkansas, and have settled in a bit at a place called Tyler Bend. Grassy Noll has joined me now in my new, Earthy adventures. He couldn’t be Salad Bar Jack forever, he says… needed a change as well. I don’t know if you realized it but it escaped me that Verdy, in the production of Salad Bar Jack In The River Of TILE, was also played by Grassy Noll. Of course, (I thought when finding this out from Grassy the other evening) he really has two arms after all! Interestingly, we are now camped out in a tent very similar to the one we used in the volcano sim, Baker Bloch, where Verdy supposedly transitioned from RL Cave of The Alphabet to SL “green spot” in one of the many gorges leading to the central volcano of the Dante sim. But it is here, on Tyler Bend synchily positioned between an Arnold Bend to the west and a Lane Bend to the east, that I believe we will establish our first Earthy Temple of TILE. Or Tyle. Or maybe on Cash Bend just further to the east. Or on Lane Bend nearer the town of Gilbert. Or perhaps even on Arnold Bend. But here’s where it starts Mr. Bloch and Ms. Blinker — on Cash, Arnold, Tyler, or Lane Bend. Or some combination thereof. A connection to The Jug in Tyler County, West Virginia featured in the Booker T. interview re SID’s 1st Oz is highly anticipated.

We do not have solid plans for what this “temple” will look like. In the meantime, Grassy, while we sit on the banks of the protected, all-natural Buffalo River, has shared many interesting stories about his adventures and movies, including one that was currently in production, before Grassy’s leave of absense, called Salad Bar Jack And The Spill Over Drink Lake Dam. He says now this fall has been fulfilled in a new way.

We scout more tomorrow. I’ll keep you abreast of transpirings.

Yours in luv,
Hucka D.


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