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Loose Thoughts June 22, 2008

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Well, a Sat. night with no Sunday obligations facing me, so I thought it might be a good time to do some type of blog review, again in a loose kind of way.

The Hidalgo Gallery sits on our property as a reminder of where we come from. Pre-Azure Island and Baker Bloch’s frustration re mainland hiking. I believe now it is the beginning or perhaps even toward the middle of the end for Azure Islands. But at the same time I wish to reinforce, if only to myself perhaps, and Edna as well, that I’m here to stay, and that I’ll, as they say, go down with the ship when it happens. I’m commited to the island I live on, with 2 properties in our possession. I had to sacrifice a bit in RL to get these properties together; only a little but some. It is a commitment. I’m not through with building… at all.

The blog will keep on now, as it is driven not exclusively by SL oriented events but by RL photography (centered now upon the adventures of Salad Bar Jack and crew), and also collage art and art in general. I consider the new “beehive” builds — Hucka’s 1st Beehive, then B_Hivia, and now the Temple of TILE — to all be true art pieces. I still do not consider myself much of a builder, with much, much to learn in that area if I continue forward. But I have a foothold now.

I also understand better how much Linden builds and objects still dominate Second Life, which may not totally be a good thing. Where are the new free 1 prim trees and plants, etc.? I haven’t run across many yet that aren’t Linden made. This could be a sign that things haven’t really progressed that much in SL, even since the beginning. Or speaks of the quality of Linden products… I don’t know, I’m still too new to SL even yet, although I technically probably wouldn’t be called a noob now (the collective appearance of my avatars may say otherwise!).

But I do know that the Temple of TILE represents another endpoint, and the beginning of a new phase. A switch back to creating pages devoted to SID’s 1st Oz is a possibility… perhaps the interviews will even take place within the new temple.

Let’s call in Hucka D. to confer on this, since I have more time to burn.

Hucka D.:

Hi baker b.


What’s up Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Not a lot.


Hucka D., would you perhaps be willing to interview me, baker b., in the new temple?

Hucka D.:

Of course I will if that’s what you want. If you think it’s a good idea. We have time. The lemon has manifested again. We must go inside again as well. Blochs and I. It is the only way to save him. Else he’ll go… he’ll…


Yes? He’ll go… what… crazy?

Hucka D.:

Yes. Insane. He’ll break down. I can see him as a sterno bum wandering the streets of “downtown” Azure Islands, in [delete name] sim. It could happen. It’s the lack of progression in this world currently. Take down a church and put up another Dark Lord mega-castle. We’re, collectively, not a religious entity, but still it disturbs a bit. Everyone seems to want to be a dark lord now, with a castle. Is this a good thing? It may not be a totally bad thing but it shows regression, perhaps, or decay. And I’m not a negative person.


How does the Temple of TILE come into play in all this?

Hucka D.:

The temple gives out positive energy to all who enter. It is light, not dark, although technically it is a mixture of the two, since there really is no light and dark beyond the weave of opposites. There is only ONE. There is also one hope for the island we live on. The energy must be cleared, and at a particular place.



(Hucka D. does not answer).


What about Alma and Rupert, the Sirians? Isn’t this the same as Mayland [M Continent], Alma’s kingdom? She instituted the religion — I’m sorry, religion/philosophy/game of Tyle on her island kingdom…

Hucka D.:



Right. Queendom. The Council of 9 becomes the Council of ONE. TYLE. SID.

Hucka D.:

Syd, yeah. (pause in talking)

You must allow the aliens to come.

(to be continued)



Baker Bloch:

Blinks, we like each other, you and I.

Baker Blinker:

Of course! But not in that way.

Baker Bloch:

No, not in that way. Still there is respect. A kind of love.

Hucka D. (cutting to the point):

Your curse, Ms. Blinker. We must talk about your curse.


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