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Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Couple to Finish Off) June 20, 2008

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Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Levels 7 and 6)

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Blochs marches all the way up the spiral to the roof, which is the same as Floor 7. Walking around a bit and seeing nothing there yet, he descends to what Hucka D. describes as Floor 6, which also is undeveloped presently. Baker Bloch, though, understands why Hucka calls Floor 7 the twin of Floor 1, and the same with Floor 6 and 2. Like Floor 2, you can circumnavigate the central region on floor 6 through a 5 meter viewing platform.

Here Baker stares into the top of the tiled central region, the direct complement to the bottom of this region he just looked into in the post below. And again you have vegetation lining the edges.

A look back at the top of the spiral.

And then the very top of the cypress tree. So that’s another complement of Floor 7 and Floor 1: bottom and top of this huge tree.

Blochs drops down into the vegetation, but in spying over the edges, sees that he can only drop into levels he’s already visited. His tour is apparently over. He doesn’t realize at this point that directly on the other side of this wall from him here is where he started the tour. He is on the “hidden” side of Floor 5, actually, with no immediate and obvious access to the other side. He’s *seen* this landscape before, then, through the windows on the other side. However, since these are only 1 way windows, as are common in this complex, he cannot see into the rugged area immediately to his left here.

So ends the 1st pass through the new “beehive”!


Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Levels 2 and 1)

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Landing on floor 2, Blochs now sees into the center of the cube through the everpresent windows on its ground level. Unlike Floors 3 and 5, the rugged area now completely encircles the center, and once again there is a landscaped area filling in the background further away from this center. But the landscaped region is now not at the same level as the rug, and is also dominated by palm trees, it appears.

Baker Bloch sits a spell in a proffered chair to contemplate the interior. The winter tree you see has since been deleted: there are only stones and stone-colored chairs surrounding the central lemon tree with its nested, spinning cube currently. More on that later as well.

Ooops! That ceiling’s got a rock sticking through it. Part of the danger of doing massive landscape work indoors, I suppose.

Yes, here’s the only way out of Floor 2, Blochs, realizes. Down to Floor 1 and access to the spiral again.

Here’s some bamboo purchased at the Lilith Heart complex again. Actually, Floor 1 has changed a lot since Bloch’s visit depicted in this series of posts, with lots of rocks and trees added, as well as a few chairs and tables here and there.

Blochs stares into the tiled central region again, but only sees emptiness this time, and the form of the island now far far below.

A perspective shot of that wonderful cypress tree. Now Blochs can see its full height stretched out above him.

Onward and upward!


Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Level 3)

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Floor 3 is more or less a twin to Floor 5. The way Hucka D. describes it, Floor 1 and Floor 7 are matches, Floor 2 and Floor 6, the same, and then Floor 3 and 5 are twinned. There is no Floor 4, which would be the central floor of the complex if it existed. But the central alphabet cube lies at the level of Floor 4 — more on that later.

So Baker Bloch here took the plunge, landed on the spiral pathway leading from floor to ceiling (Floor 1 to Floor 7, that is), and quickly jumps off when he sights the plad rugged area to his right.

He is immediately greeted by a landscape quite similar to the one he just left on Floor 7, with a rugged area fronting a landscape seen through various large windows. Once again the various chairs and tables are directed toward, instead, the central area of the complex and the lemon tree and the spinning child’s building bloch, er, block. *Baker* Bloch decides not to leap into that central area yet, although he has that option now.

Is that the letter O?, one might wonder when looking at the above snapshot. No, I can tell them, it is a zero. There are a one and zero on the cube, colored violet and orange respectively. They stand for the classic set of opposites, or yin/yang in Chinese speak. This covers all complementary opposites: male/female, on/off, black/white, left/right, up/down, full/empty, etc., etc.

But what of the rest of the cube, the four remaining sides? Well, we know from that last post there is a green “T” and a yellow “Y”. One could wonder, additionally, if Y stands for yellow, and may remember something about this being mentioned in the blog before, perhaps uttered by Hucka D. in one of his philosophical rants. But now, in the above snapshot, we additionally see a blue “E”. Y-T-E now, plus the two numbers.

Ah, there’s the last side of the cube appearing in the above photo. “L”, and red. L-Y-T-E. Well, it’s a lighted cube, one might rationalize. I would add it’s one of the few “full bright” objects in the structure, unlike the brighter items of B_Hivia and all the particle related objects there as well. I can think of only one particle generator presently in the Temple of TILE, and that’s a pool I just constructed today on the lowest floor. Wait a minute, our hypothetical guesser might surmise at this point. It’s not LYTE, it’s TYLE. Yes, that must be it: the phonetic double of TILE, but with a Y substituted for I. But what is the Temple of TILE, and why is it spelled wrong here? Is there any meaning to this? Well, I would certainly inject at this juncture, it’s at the very center of the whole cube structure of 30 x 30 x30 meters. Of course it means something! But even I still don’t know the full meaning… much philosophical thought in that direction to come. I will say now it is all about balance, balance of opposites, but in two directions instead of the one direction represented by the 2 numbers on the cube that complete its set of engraved figures. Altogether this makes, I suppose, 3 related sets of opposites, then.

Moving back to the tour.

This is the 3 story tree I mentioned before, the cypress. Baker Bloch here is just beginning to realize its true height.

Next Baker Bloch drops down 5 meters off the edge of the plad rug area to Floor 2 for further exploration.


Temple of TILE, 1st Pass (Level 5)

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The reason Baker Bloch was taking the snapshots of the 5th pool described just below instead of “creator” Baker Blinker is that he was already on his way to take snapshots of the Temple of TILE, which Hucka D. had just given Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker permission to visit. Already, in the past several days, Blinks has been quite busy decorating the place, with considerable success, especially one surprising central one… you’ll see soon enough.

Just to give some more background, the Temple of TILE, constructed by Hucka D. again, just like B_Hivia, is a little larger, actually, than B_Hivia but with a different layout. One could say it’s quite different in its similarity. Again we have vivid colors helping give definition to the overall structure. Unlike B_Hivia, which is based upon a right angle design, the layout of the Temple is a regular square, extended into a cube. Just like B_Hivia, it is a three story affair, with 7 effective floors all spaced 5 meters apart, making a total height of each at 30 meters. The outside texture of each is the same: “Atoll rusty door” effect (Linden texture), and some of each are also colored in primary colors.

Each is also seen as not really a living or dwelling space, but more a public area, although the only “people” that will probably ever frequent either very much at all are the immediate family of the Bakers and also, of course, Hucka D. Hurla D.? — let’s don’t even go there. So like B_Hivia, I decided to have a lot of tables with chairs around them, like it was a dining area or club or sumtin. But just like B_Hivia it isn’t, however. The tables and chairs are the same as in B_Hivia as well — all 1 prim affairs. The coloring is a little different for this furniture in the Temple, and also I decided to eliminate the glow balls above each table for the latest construction.

Now to some more important differences. First off, it would be difficult to establish a centerpoint of B_Hivia, partly because it is based upon a triangle and not a square. I suppose a centerpoint can be symbolically established as the base of the eucalyptus tree that dominates that build. In contrast, the Temple of TILE has an obvious and highlighted center, which is the same as the center of the overall cube. The center is also cube shaped, although much smaller than the overall temple. I’ll get to that all important center in a moment.

Another difference, and one that troubled Hucka D. for a number of days, is how the 7 floors of the building could be connected. This is the same problem that faced Hucka early on in the construction of B_Hivia, which he quite cleverly solved with his ramp system made from tapered right angle solids, 6 in all. In the new structure, the equivalent to the ramps, collectively, would be a tight spiral rising dramatically from floor level to roof level in 3 circular turns. This ramp, in combination with simply “falling” from one level down to lower levels, can give access to all of the areas of the overall structure *except one*. This exception, then, happens to be where we start our tour of the overall structure, which would be the “interior” of floor 5, and where, for obvious reasons, I decided to place one of the 2 teleporters in the structure.

Here Baker Bloch materizes inside the Temple of TILE at this transporter location. Immediately he is greeting by a contrast between interior rugged area with several tables on this level, and then a seemingly inaccessible landscape of varioius trees and rocks on the other side of the windows here. This would be on floor 5 as well, then, but, as I said, with no access point on this level. This could be said to be *behind* several tables and chairs here, since most of them point the other direction to…

… the central area, the center of the entire Temple complex, a 10×10 square that vertically runs through the middle 20 meters of the temple. We’ll give a peak within in just a moment.

Blochs here more closely examines the inaccessible vegetation behind the window. I believe this is a maple tree.

Here’s that peak down into the central shaft to reveal the all important cube. This central colorful cube contains different letters and numbers on each of its six sides, and is also rotating above the tree it almost sits atop of. The tree? Well it’s a lemon tree (!), one of several plants I purchased for the Temple at Lilith Heart’s vast arboureum and greenhouse complex. In this snapshot we can only view 2 of the 6 colored figures, which happens to be a yellow “Y” and a green “T”. I’ll develop this more soon with additional viewings of this cube from other angles within the Temple.

A view of another Heart purchase, this time a giant spear-shaped cypress that turned out to be exactly the same height as the temple itself (30 meters), although I didn’t know it at the time of the purchase. This cypress can be seen from each floor of the temple.

Satistifed that he understands the layout of this particular floor as much as possible presently, Baker Bloch prepares for a plung into the lower parts of the Temple. Ready!…



5th Pool on Property, And Largest (But Maybe The Shallowest As Well)

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*Then* I decided to hollow out the foundation underneath the house, cutting through the 4 prims making up the foundation to create one large open space. You secretly enter this space through the back of the house here — I made one of the four prims phantom so that Baker Bloch and others can have easy access. The “door”, as you can see, lies just behind the neighbor’s willow mentioned before, just to the right of the pool here.

Inside we encounter what is now the largest pool of the 5 presently on the properties, but which also may be the shallowest. It also contains the only islands found on the properties currently, albeit quite small ones.

Baker Bloch sits on several rocks below, enjoying the underground serenity.

Baker Bloch stands in the pool between the two tiny islands looking back at the rocks he was just sitting on.