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Beehive 3 June 18, 2008

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“The new Beehive is shaping up, slowly but surely baker b..”


That’s great Hucka. I am ready to talk about TILE whenever you are. Tell me your thoughts now.

Hucka D.:

The new Beehive will be Seathwaite Fell. Of this I can say safely. But it’s a little complicated. Level 1 will be a 3×3 square with a hole in the center. Level 2 is a 2×2 square with a hole in the middle. Level 3 will be a mix of the two. Level 4 does not exist. Level 5 will be a mix of the two, with a hidden half, apparently. Level 6 will be more similar to level 1, except the top of the 2×2 instead of the bottom. There will be a hole in the center still. Then level 7 will be most like level 1 in floor plan. So there are 7 levels, just like B_Hivia. Gluing it all together is a spiral from bottom to top in one of the 4 corners. I don’t mind talking to you about this but I wish to keep this from Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch just now. I don’t want them to be disappointed after B_Hivia.


Will this be more a place of worship than one of living space, then?

Hucka D.:

*I* will live there, on level 6 mainly, perhaps.


What about B_Hivia?

Hucka D.:

This replaces the living arrangement at B_Hivia for me. Decorating for Baker Blinker may be mainly restricted to the central 3 and 5 levels, remembering that there is no level 4. That’s my guess — could be wrong.

(to be continued)


Terrain Editing, And More Pools (!)

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So soon after rezzing the house and positioning it where I wanted it to be, I decided to try my hand at some terraforming to make a “wall” between the neighbor’s property to the west and our own. I didn’t want to just put up a barrier, but make it instead look natural. In doing this I also wanted to hide the original pond on the property so it could be some kind of hangout, especially for Baker Blinker, who I assume will be using the house more than the others.

One of the little quirks of the forest is that I decided to put a eucalyptus tree in it, but bury it into the ground as far as I could, The result is above, which plants the tree up to its first major branching. The eucalyptus is probably about 3-4 meters in the ground, then. This is the same type of tree that helps center B_Hivia. The idea is sort of the same as well… both trees appear in water, with the eucalyptus tree of B_Hivia having its roots in the upper pool there, and this 1/2 buried version of same breaking ground in the middle pool of what turned out to be a 3 pool system in this corner of the lot. But my point here is in the snapshot above that’s not a whole tree but a partial tree. I think it turned out nicely, and gave a lot of leave cover to the area that would have been hard to get with one of my free trees otherwise.

Here Baker Blinker sits on a rock above the lowest and largest of the 3 created pools, which is also the deepest. You can see the middle pool to her right, with the eucalyptus branches extending from it.

A neat view from the bottom of the pool. The pool is so deep that Baker Blinker be completely submerged within.

View toward the house sitting on another rock surrounding the lowest pool, or the original pool of the property.

Baker Blinker sits on a rock closer to the house. The view is through the eucalyptus tree again.

Blinks sits on the “wall” above the lowest pool, which protects the whole 3 pool area from being seen from this direction. The lowest pools is situated just behind here. I believe I raised the land as far as possible here, which is 4 meters, while lowering it as far as possible in the pool just behind, which would be 4 meters again. So I assume there’s about an 8 meter difference between Baker Blinker’s perch here and the bottom of the pool just behind her.

Another view of the lowest/deepest pool, from over the road to the north.

And then you can also see the 3 pools from this corner of the upper porch through the branches of the eucalyptus tree.


New Home (Bought This Time)

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It’s a very low prim house, but exactly what we needed on the property. Highly recommended product. I set the house toward the east edge of the property to give more room to the south for rezzing projects, an open space that’s turned out to be quite handy already.

View from the road. I like the way the house is mostly hidden but yet you can still get a sense of what it is about. I think that makes sense! Another pretty big landscape project has been the slow filling in of what can only be described now as a small forest on the north side of the 2 properties I now own. I’ve used about every free Linden tree in it now, and then some. Nothing bought, mind you, although I did buy some trees for the Temple of TILE (see above posts for more info!).

View over top of the Hidalgo Gallery across the open space. The forest is to the left of the viewer here.

View from back of house over neighbor’s vineyard. The nice willow tree is the neighbors but it hangs over my property line. It’s so pretty I don’t mind a bit.

Baker Blinker sitting on the upper porch looking toward the Hidalgo Gallery.

A view inside. I didn’t decorate much, and this angle on the lower level gives the best possible face to the project. Floors are very nice with their deep mahogany sheen. The bay windows are a plus as well. There’s even an attic space, which was another attraction. Did I mention it was only 37 prims??

Baker Blinker standing in the forest looking toward the front door. Notice the dead tree — not everything in a forest is living, you see!

And here’s a pool I spontaneously created in the lowest part of the new property. This idea will be considerably expanded in the near future (see posts above, again).

A second pond at the time was created just under the willow tree mentioned above. The fence here represents the boundary between my property and the neighbor’s. It just seemed a good place to put a pond.

Nighttime view of the house.