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Mmmmmm’s Homeground June 15, 2008

In a recent, long discussion with Grassy Noll, better known as the actor who plays Salad Bar Jack in all those toy avatar adventure movies, I learned much about the homeland of the Mmmmmm’s. The picture below shows the tree they call First Tree, which they state their species landed in on this world from another commonly called Hades. Whether this is the same as the dwarf planet we call Pluto (the Roman term for the god Hades) or not is as yet undetermined.

A close up of the rusty old and quite large goodmobile that acted as transport to this planet. It’s lodged in the tree now, supposedly at the very place it was lodged all those many years ago upon their arrival. When I asked Salad Bar Jack how many Mmmmmm’s originally landed on this planet, he stated 7, which within the month increased to 12 since one of the crew members was pregnant. I didn’t want to insult his counting skills at the time, but the way I’m seeing it that lassie must have had quintuplets. Later I did some research on the [delete name] board and found, yes, that female Mmmmmm’s commonly give birth to 4-6 young at a time, and that a 1 child pregnancy is rare. So maybe the Mmmmmm’s math skills are sound after all.

Btw, Salad Bar called the original father and mother of this world Lodi and Heidi (originally: Hidi), and thereafter both became common names for Mmmmmm’s, especially of the non-red strain. Thus the reason for the surfacing of the name Lodi in the movie Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE in connection with the orange Mmmmmm played by thespian Gypsy Purse.

Over the hill from the First Tree we come upon the banishing place of the red strain of the Mmmmmm’s, whose insuing isolation from the more sophisticated colors made them even more stupid, collectively, than they were before the Great Division.

Here in what they termed Big Log we see the remains of some of their primitive dwelling holes.

This prominent combination of living and dead giant shrubbery pictured below, visible from all of their small habitat, confused and confounded the Reddies even further. They appropriately dubbed it “Baffle Bush”, which compounds the stupidity since anyone with sense can see it’s actually two bushes, one living and one dead. Some Reddies blame the malevolent spirit of the bush(es) on all their lacks in areas of intelligence and manners, but most non-Reddies don’t believe this one bit, blaming their societal rot instead on inbreeding and inferior genes in general. The giant shrubs are just that: giant shrubs, and nothing more. And don’t tell them anything else because they won’t listen to ya.

However, since pairs of bushes have cropped up in several places in this blog, we must, I believe, pay special attention to this potential new aspect of the overall archetype. Remember also that the Mmmmmm’s are perhaps from the planet Pluto, which has also already been attached to the 2 bush theme in this blog.

Below is the beach at Drink Lake where I caught up with Grassy Noll for that long discussion about Mmmmmm’s. The beach is also near the First Tree, and where the Mmmmmm’s, according to tradition, first learned about the advantages and disadvantages of natural bouyancy. It is rare to find the famous beach so deserted, and Grassy enjoys the solitude by wading far into the gently sloping coastal shelf here. Careful not to float off!

Grassy later enjoying a snooze on a leaf recliner.