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Cub Run Over ( Sigh) June 6, 2008

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Well, the Cub based beehive didn’t work out… went back to the sim and the build was deleted and my primitives autoreturned to my inventory. Hucka D. cried when he found out, and I so hated to see the little guy unhappy that I allowed him to build a new beehive in the sky above our property. It’s mostly based on the design of the former beehive. And what a little builder he’s turning out to bee! (sorry) Check this out: only 16 prims used in the construction of this 3.6 meters wide, 20 meters long, and *50* meter tall structure. It’s a little complicated. Let’s start at the top.

Here you see Hucka D. at the top. Usually he sits in the white chair to position himself on this top while flying above, and then stands and walks over to the holes that lead inside. If you look closely here you’ll notice the two distinct “holes.” One is created by hollowing out the 10 x 10 x 3.5m prim (the whole structure is a 5×2 stack of these prims hollowed or cut in various ways) to create a circular hole. Then the prim is additionally spliced off from the corner in such a way that another hole that Hucka D. can fit through is formed. Then, in addition, Hucka D. can just squeeze inbetween the two holes, a crucial linking aspect to access all parts of the building.

This is what happens when Hucka D. drops into the circular hole, which is mulithued internally (Linden tie dye texture). He enters the first of two main galleries of 20m long by 10m high by 3.5m wide, with one long side made entirely up of windows. You can see through these windows on the inside, but outside they don’t show up. All you see on the outside, in front, is a rusty door texture chosen from Atoll textures option given to us all by the Lindens when we were birthed in their metaverse.

Notice there’s also a giant eucalyptus tree in the gallery, and I stuck this in the two cut holes of each of the two galleries. Which moves us to…

… the intermediary rooms, which make up floors 1, 3 and 5 in Hucka’s naming scheme. The main galleries I’ve already mentioned would be floors 2 and 4, with floor 0 being the same as the top of the structure. All of these intermediary galleries (floors 1, 3, 5) are reached only through the *cut* holes in the prims above. These intermediary galleries are actually 1/2 galleries, but with a little additional solid floor just below the cut hole to allow Hucka D. to land in the gallery in the first place. All of these have window that run across the bottom of the floor, and all except the bottom have parts of one of the 2 eucalyptus trees poking into them, a nice visual. So below we have a view within the 3rd and last (lowest) of these 1/2 galleries, with Hucka D. observing through the window in the floor our skybox and land property immediately below.

One of the neat things about the beehive is that you get views in all four directions, since the window of the main galleries (floors 2 and 4) face in opposite directions — north and south — and the top and bottom of the 3 1/2 galleries have open sides facing west, while the middle of the 1/2 galleries has its open side facing east.

Here’s the whole structure with a happy, smiling Hucka D. posing in front of it.

So to review briefly: using the hollow cuts, you can access only the 2 main galleries (floors 2 and 4). With the corner cuts you can access all the intermediary or 1/2 galleries (floors 1, 3, 5). Confused? It’s just something you have to really visit and get inside to understand. Niether Baker Blinker nor Baker Bloch have been inside, but they could probably fit into the holes as well. I think.

Since the cuts are so small the easiest way to get back to the top is simply fly out of one of the open sides. If you choose to move through the entirety of the structure, top to bottom, you can then just fly out the bottom hole on the end and go back to the top, or other destinations.


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