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Easy as… June 2, 2008

Interviewer (Toy Avatar Weekly):

We’re here with Grassy Noll, star of the new toy avatar production The Adventures of Salad Bar Jack in the River of TILE. Tell us how you got involved in this production Grassy, and how you won the coveted role of Salad Bar Jack? And how you approach this character?

Grassy Noll:

They were looking for either a one armed actor or one whose arm came naturally out of joint so they could pin it behind his back. I fit one of the two categories (laughs).


You are a Mmmmmm in real life as well.


Yeah, hard to hide that fact (laughs).


What are your inspirations to play the character, or how would you define your philosophy of acting as applied to this particular role?


You take it day to day. I may act tomorrow and I may not. If I don’t I’m drinking (smiles).


That’s it?


Seriously, I will add there’s a special quality about this production, and it has to do with the actual river that the whole story revolves around.


The River of TILE?


It talks to us at night, even through the drunkenness. Something has happened in the camp that’s pretty odd. We left the recorders on by accident, or so they say, the second night we were in the woods. Something was picked up.




No, seriously. The Scream (actor Tommy Benerson) said he heard it in reality, but no one took him super serial until we listened to the playback. It was a hum, a humming I should say.


Back to your inspiration for the role.

Grassy (ignoring request):

It was humming the Alphabet Song. No words — or letters in this case — but just the humming part, the tones. That’s what we recognized.

(to be continued)

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