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Jonesborough East: Prelude To “The Parties Unite” May 31, 2008

Safely off the bridge across (Tile) Creek now and in Jonesborough East, as I’m calling it, T-Bonz and his Mmmmmm’s scamper down the root system of the overturned tree to the open area below the long rock wall discussed before, which runs all along the east side of the “burg”. Ooops, Berry or Cherry make boo boo climbing down!

A view toward the top of the Wall. No way to access the top from here.

“Is this the cave?” Cherry or Berry stupidly asks his Master T-Bonz, pointing to the relatively tiny hole above his head while walking toward the south end of the wall.

Only 30 minutes later, after they finished exploring the south and move past the roots again to the north, does T-Bonz dare to speak in his anger. “THERE,” he then emits like a volcano spewing forth molten lava. “THAT’S the cave you red stained dummy!” He growls again, and then tells all the Mmmmmm’s to stay on this rock and DON’T MOVE… or else. “Where are you going Master T-Bonz?” the red Mmmmmm’s ask innocently and innoculously in their child-like voices. But Verdy, the lone green Mmmmmm of their group, already knew the answer. “Never mind where I’m going, just STAY PUT,” he commands in no uncertain terms again. “ON-THIS-ROCK.”

T-Bonz then moves toward a rhododendron tree that, when climbed, will give him access to the rock ledge that his destination sits upon: the white rock jut discussed in former (Tile) CREEK related posts on this blog just before production began.

“Ahhhh, there it is. The legendary White Rock,” he coos. “Sing to me dearest, now. Sing to me the mysteries of this place. Sing to me the knowledge I seek and have come for, with these imbeciles in tow — subtracting Verdy a bit, because I actually like Verdy a little, you see. But the others — well, never mind that now. I am here with you and that’s all that’s important. Speak to me; sing to me if you wish but at least speak.”

And the rock obeyed and began to sing…

… making T-Bonz fall instantly asleep, which Verdy foresaw.

“Now’s my chance Cherry and Berry,” Verdy said to them with a wink, moving toward the cave and inside. “Wait, Master T-Bonz said stay put!” they implored. But it was too late. Verdy was consumed by the darkness.

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