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Behind The Scenes May 31, 2008

When I arrive for filming on Saturday around noon, I am appalled to find the camp of the cast and crew in complete disarray. Everyone is still sleeping!

“You guys drink all THAT last night?” (and I knew that it wasn’t filled with gatorade before, but something much stronger… knew that all along).

Well I finally got them moving about and cleaning up the camp and preparing for the day’s shoots. One of the hired hands has some fun waking up former child actor Tommy “The Scream” Benerson here. This moment seemed to lighten the mood.

A literal army of crewmen build the circular dolly ramp that unfortunately couldn’t be used today. Maybe tomorrow or next week, but at least it’s set up now.

George Jetson and Huckleberry Hound confer with dogfight expert Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame about the logistics of animated air battle. Unfortunately, this scene had to be cut from the shooting script today as well.

Similarly, one of the stars of our production, T-Bonz, consults with Captain Crunch regarding the inherent difficulties of working with child actors, which the naval officer has considerable experience with. That’s why we hired him to direct our crew, he he.

While the Mmmmmm’s aren’t technically children, their behavior and demeanor are comparable.

Speaking of which, here’s most of the Mmmmmm’s from our cast attempting to rouse the still sleeping Mossman. A sound snoozer this he-man is! Admittedly I’m afraid/wary of this cast member more than any other.

His short day of advising done, Snoopy enjoys some sunbathing atop his doghouse, which he always takes along on out-of-town job assignments.

The camp in relationship to the goodmoblie prop that T-Bonz and his 3 Mmmmmms landed here in the production several days ago. I’m guessing that its condition can’t be worsened by sitting out in one or two more rains!

Now to the shoot!

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