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Jonesborough East: Prelude To “The Parties Unite” May 31, 2008

Safely off the bridge across (Tile) Creek now and in Jonesborough East, as I’m calling it, T-Bonz and his Mmmmmm’s scamper down the root system of the overturned tree to the open area below the long rock wall discussed before, which runs all along the east side of the “burg”. Ooops, Berry or Cherry make boo boo climbing down!

A view toward the top of the Wall. No way to access the top from here.

“Is this the cave?” Cherry or Berry stupidly asks his Master T-Bonz, pointing to the relatively tiny hole above his head while walking toward the south end of the wall.

Only 30 minutes later, after they finished exploring the south and move past the roots again to the north, does T-Bonz dare to speak in his anger. “THERE,” he then emits like a volcano spewing forth molten lava. “THAT’S the cave you red stained dummy!” He growls again, and then tells all the Mmmmmm’s to stay on this rock and DON’T MOVE… or else. “Where are you going Master T-Bonz?” the red Mmmmmm’s ask innocently and innoculously in their child-like voices. But Verdy, the lone green Mmmmmm of their group, already knew the answer. “Never mind where I’m going, just STAY PUT,” he commands in no uncertain terms again. “ON-THIS-ROCK.”

T-Bonz then moves toward a rhododendron tree that, when climbed, will give him access to the rock ledge that his destination sits upon: the white rock jut discussed in former (Tile) CREEK related posts on this blog just before production began.

“Ahhhh, there it is. The legendary White Rock,” he coos. “Sing to me dearest, now. Sing to me the mysteries of this place. Sing to me the knowledge I seek and have come for, with these imbeciles in tow — subtracting Verdy a bit, because I actually like Verdy a little, you see. But the others — well, never mind that now. I am here with you and that’s all that’s important. Speak to me; sing to me if you wish but at least speak.”

And the rock obeyed and began to sing…

… making T-Bonz fall instantly asleep, which Verdy foresaw.

“Now’s my chance Cherry and Berry,” Verdy said to them with a wink, moving toward the cave and inside. “Wait, Master T-Bonz said stay put!” they implored. But it was too late. Verdy was consumed by the darkness.

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Behind The Scenes

When I arrive for filming on Saturday around noon, I am appalled to find the camp of the cast and crew in complete disarray. Everyone is still sleeping!

“You guys drink all THAT last night?” (and I knew that it wasn’t filled with gatorade before, but something much stronger… knew that all along).

Well I finally got them moving about and cleaning up the camp and preparing for the day’s shoots. One of the hired hands has some fun waking up former child actor Tommy “The Scream” Benerson here. This moment seemed to lighten the mood.

A literal army of crewmen build the circular dolly ramp that unfortunately couldn’t be used today. Maybe tomorrow or next week, but at least it’s set up now.

George Jetson and Huckleberry Hound confer with dogfight expert Snoopy of Charlie Brown fame about the logistics of animated air battle. Unfortunately, this scene had to be cut from the shooting script today as well.

Similarly, one of the stars of our production, T-Bonz, consults with Captain Crunch regarding the inherent difficulties of working with child actors, which the naval officer has considerable experience with. That’s why we hired him to direct our crew, he he.

While the Mmmmmm’s aren’t technically children, their behavior and demeanor are comparable.

Speaking of which, here’s most of the Mmmmmm’s from our cast attempting to rouse the still sleeping Mossman. A sound snoozer this he-man is! Admittedly I’m afraid/wary of this cast member more than any other.

His short day of advising done, Snoopy enjoys some sunbathing atop his doghouse, which he always takes along on out-of-town job assignments.

The camp in relationship to the goodmoblie prop that T-Bonz and his 3 Mmmmmms landed here in the production several days ago. I’m guessing that its condition can’t be worsened by sitting out in one or two more rains!

Now to the shoot!

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Speaking of Blinkerton…

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… new Blinkerton art in the foyer of the house. 2 composites from his abstract expressionist period. I think they fit quite well here. They’re pretty big!

This is a 3rd Blinkerton already hanging in the house that Blinks moved to a different wall to make room for the composite pictured just above.

She did a great job with these.


Gallery 5-6, First Pass

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[0:51] You: So Baker Bloch we are finished with the top part of the gallery and are moving to the lower part now, or collages 6-10 of the Hidalgo series. Here we go!

[0:53] You: I need to check to see if this door lies directly below the top door. That has become an important detail, perhaps, Baker Bloch.
[0:53] Baker Bloch: Yes Hucka D., it has.
[0:54] You: So immediately we leap into the first of the two most complex collages of the series, which make an animation with each other.

[0:55] You: Let’s start with some pictorial elements we are already familiar with. I know in this collage that the left half of the collage changes quite a lot between the animations, but the right half basically stays the same.
[0:56] You: Here we have, again, the rusty Shakespeare wagon already depicted in the former collage, “Day of Destruction”. And perched on top of it is the blue holly dress w/ mannequin from collage number 2.
[0:57] You: This seems to be saying to me that the wagon full of Blinkerton art pieces and the blue holly or holly blue, butterfly, have something directly to do with each other. Star Series may be implied here, since 26 stars of collage no. 1 were on the blue field of the Arkansas flag.
[0:57] You: Stars in azure blue night.
[0:59] You: Oh yes, the bush is positioned on the mountaintop directly above the wagon and dress/mannequin. This is from collage no. 2 as well.
[1:00] You: Moving to the center we have another pictorial element from collage no. 2 as well, and that’s the Indian, supposedly Long Hope Indian, with outstreched…
[1:01] You: …arms. Here the image makes more sense in a way, since between his arms lies a waterfall which I know is on RL Hilo Peak Mtn. The gravemarker that dominates the center of the collage here, which is Jackson Pollock’s…
[1:02] You: … represents Hilo Peak Mtn. itself, then, and the stream the falls are on, which appear to start at Baker Bloch’s feet here — strange to be looking at a picture of yourself in a collage Baker Bloch, eh? — is the same as in the blog, when you manifest on this mtn.
[1:02] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., do you mean the place where I transition from Uli sim in SL to Hilo Peak Mtn. in RL? Where my feet get wet? And right before we enter Lemon World on that mtn.?
[1:03] You: Yes, Baker Bloch (Hucka D. answers). The mtn. and the Pollock gravestone are the same here. And the pile of rocks on the grave is the same as the rocks on top of rocks baker b. encountered at the pass into this mtn. as well. Has to be the same.
[1:04] You: This stream here is identified directly, as well, with the black drink that the Indian is throwing up standing directly behind you in this collage, or sitting on the mtn. behind you I suppose.
[1:05] You: We should also add that this is the town of Steins in Hidalgo County. Blinkerton lived there for a little bit I believe.
[1:05] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., don’t you remember living there? He did or he didn’t, I mean?
[1:05] You: Thank you Baker Bloch (Hucka D. answers). He lived there for a little while, then.
[1:06] You: The gravestone is not there, obviously, and the rusty wagon in the foreground comes from Shakespeare, which is nearby Steins but still a number of miles off.
[1:06] You: The gas pumps I believe come from Lordsburg. They were used in other Blinkerton art that you don’t know of yet Baker Bloch.
[1:07] You: And the triangle-square geometric figure in front of them, a INSERT, is another merger of square and triangle, like the couple of collage no. 3.
[1:07] You: The sign, Bel Shore Motel, is another object used in Blinkerton art. This seems to be much more about Charles Nelson Blinkerton than the other collages, or more openly about him.
[1:08] You: The gravemarker is where he had the vision in 1956, directly after the death of Pollock and which made him decide to move to Hidalgo County in NM in the first place. This is Hilo Peak in this county, but also Hilo Peak Mtn. in NC. See?
[1:08] Baker Bloch: Yes, Hucka D.
[1:09] You: And the falls is just that as well: a fall… off this mountain. Away from the perfection that the Long Hope Indians had created at the top, with their merger with the blue holly and the derived Black Drink.
[1:09] You: But that was foreseen as well by the elders, such as the one depicted here with outstretched arms.
[1:10] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., let’s move on to the next one now.
[1:10] You: Ok (Hucka D. answers).

[1:11] You: Let’s start with the left side again. We have the rusty wagon again, but from closer in and also at a strange angle, like it is trying to dump its contents like a garbage truck at a landfill.
[1:12] You: This is from “Day of Destruction” as well, along with the woman in the foreground, who has remained in the same position as the collage before this one.
[1:13] You: The bush from the former collage is also present in this one, but has moved to the highest point of Pollock’s gravemarker from its previous perch on the distant mountain. A holly blue butterfly now flitters around it or upon it.
[1:14] You: The blue holly butterfly is a symbol of the holly blue dress, I believe, and makes us understand that the bush is the blue holly as well here, from Hilo Peak Mtn.
[1:15] You: In NC, I might add. This also reinforces that the gravemarker is also Hilo Peak Mtn., which we’ve already ascertained. Now to the center.
[1:15] You: We have a giant lemon. I believe this stands for Lemon World, that manifests on this very mtn. and which we walked into that blue skied day. Remember Baker Bloch?
[1:15] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., yes, I remember.
[1:16] You: And this collage series is the result (Hucka D. answers). It looms like a giant rising sun behind the gravemarker/mtn. In front with have the Indians from collage no. 2, preparing more Black Drink from the blue holly leaves.
[1:17] You: The elements on the right half of the picture are the same. I should add that the rocks on top of the mountain are taken from a picture of Lee Krasner’s grave, which sits in front of Pollocks grave in Green River cemetery in Springs, NY.
[1:18] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., maybe we better stop there for tonight and continue with the last 4 collages in the series another night, maybe tomorrow.
[1:18] You: Sounds good (Hucka D. answers).