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THREE DAYS EARLIER, the party of 4 that immediately preceeded T-Bonz’ own party of 4 materializes on Rez Rock. Their leader is… well, it is unsure at this point who the leader will be!

As hinted at before, this particular party of 4, just like the later party of 4, find a goodmobile, and probably at the same place as well. We know now that the sole Mmmmmm of this particular party would know what a goodmobile is, and how to use one.

The goodmobile’s landing is not a smooth one this time, however, for various reasons, perhaps because these “characters” combined weight is a little more than T-Bonz and his 3 Mmmmmm’s. But I’m not sure of this either. At any rate, here’s the “crash” site. Screamer, as I’ll call him for obvious reasons, at first appears dead to the others just after the landing, but turns out to be only frozen in fear. It takes several minutes for him to become unimmobilized, um, mobilized I suppose.

In short time they arrive at the log bridge over (Tile) CREEK, just as T-Bonz and his Mmmmmm’s do will 3 days later. But in the case of this earlier party, a recent rain has made the bridge too wet to cross immediately, in their judgment.

A decision that proves to be prudent (!) since one of the troupe slips and falls to his untimely death from the west end of the log immediately afterwards. This is Bill Fork, who himself comes from another band of 4 but which is now reduced to 3.

The remaining 3 from *this* band proceed to higher ground to avoid being eaten by roaming wildlife that the lone Mmmmmm, orange in this case, warns them about. Not a comfortable perch for the night, admittedly, and in the middle of it Screamer dies of fear after hearing a long and deep growl from below.

The next day the two survivors of the preceding day, out of 4, cross the bridge into Jonesborough West, like T-Bonz and his Mmmmmms will do after them, now only 2 days behind.

And now I’m up to 50 percent sure who the leader is!

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