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Gallery 1-4, First Pass May 29, 2008

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[0:56] Teleport completed from
[0:58] You: I will look through your eyes Baker Bloch. I will give my impressions of each collage, beginning with 1-4. Go ahead and enter the top part of the gallery.
[0:59] You: Yes. This represents the entrance to Lemon World via the waterfall. You stand at the top Baker Bloch, along with a sideways giant Walt SIDney. Hands hidden, foot certainly not hidden. Hand… foot.
[1:00] You: SIDney is staring at a manifested light. Oh, as I wrote that the light got brighter! Staring at the light which I think represents the brightness of SL itself. Dazzling in effect. Obscures all else. SID’s 1st Oz is left behind. Baker Bloch is ready to take the plunge down the waterfall into the ocean.
[1:01] Baker Bloch: Btw, this is the Okinu sim, Hucka D. Where the weird geometric patterns were formed that changed almost every time you beamed into the sim.
[1:03] You: Thank you for the clarification (Hucka D. answers). You asked me to keep Blinkerton in mind. I couldn’t help notice that the blurred flag, as if it were underwater…. hold on, I’m going to take a snapshot while I’m thinking of it…

[1:04] You: To cont… the flag is that of Arkansas, with 25 stars, the same number I believe in the Star Series of Charles Nelson Blinkerton. 25 or 26, but 26 fits in as well, since Arkansas is 25th state but 26th from end as well (Alaska/Hawaii). This represents the unconscious. Changeable, mutable. Unstable. Like the geometric patterns of the sim.
[1:05] You: 26 of course is also number of tiles in SID’s 1st Oz. SID is obscured here as well. Drowned out by the bright lights. The purple/blue martin and blue SIDney stare in the same direction, to the left. They are one here.
[1:08] You: Star Series of CNB was one lost in The Man during transition from SL Alpha to Beta. LOST. This involved a sim as well, as Man was center of Natoma sim but shifted to upper left corner in transition. This is loss of M in Syd mythology, but gained back in SID. Y is the key.
[1:08] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., we have not talked about Y much in this blog, and the difference between TILE and Tyle.
[1:09] You: Thank you Baker Bloch. No. Let’s return to this picture later on and move to the next. I’ll give more impressions. This is just the first run through.
[1:11] You: Ok, I think this was dealt with more in the blog. Called — what was it — Blue Holly, Blue Holly, Blue Holly. First picture, by the way, was called simply Lemon World I believe. This is picture of Hilo Peak Mtn. Long Hope Indians preparing Cherokee Black Drink… they are supposedly branch of Cherokee. One is spilling guts down side of mtn. Others are preparing more drink in the background.
[1:12] You: Another raises hands to sky… we’ll see him soon again in another collage. The blue clad mannequin with wings of holly blue butterfly represents Baker Blinker here, but also resonates with blue of former collage… SIDney, Ark. flag background, and also blue/purpler martin.
[1:12] You: Don’t you think this is Baker Blinker Baker Bloch?
[1:12] Baker Bloch: Could be Hucka D.
[1:13] You: I think so personally (Hucka D. answers). This is her idealized version, with the beautiful blue dress on that didn’t quite work out in reality. Nor the wings. Not yet anyway.
[1:13] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., do you think she’ll…
[1:14] You: Probably not (Hucka D. answers). It’s the Master Shake problem again. Her appearance can’t move too far away from his. The proportion of colors and so on. White and pink. Back to the collage, we have the bush as well here, which is same as blue holly bush. This is source of Black Drink. This is why Long Hope Indians stay on this mtn. range, in part at least, or perhaps for most part.
[1:15] You: Let’s move on to the next collage on the other side of the top part of the gallery. Let me take a snapshot first of this one.

[1:17] You: I believe this collage was also discussed about some in the blog of Baker Blinker’s. The two figures are husband and wife perhaps, but one with square head (male) and female with triangle head. This is two halves of one thing, though, united by double diamond in sky but also in front of them in shape of a double diamond hexahedron.
[1:18] You: They pass through two bushes which are actually one bush, lighted in different manners. Also in the background is the watertower of Lordsburg, but one can only see, perhaps, the LO of the name on its side due to shadow. LO, then. Low.

[1:18] You: Represents Low and also High Bushes.
[1:19] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., do you think this has something to do with AI5 now and the volcano, since it is the lowest part of AI? And also the triangle and square shapes of the volcano resonate with head shapes here. Too queer, perhaps.
[1:19] You: Too queer (Hucka D. answers). Yes, perhaps. The answers lie here in [delete name] sim. Verdy. Verdigris. He is here. He is there. We are here and there.
[1:20] Baker Bloch: Hucka D., is Verdy the bush, then??
[1:21] You: Thank you Baker Bloch (Hucka D. answers). We pass through two doors just as the triangle and square headed couple pass through two bushes here. We are uniting two diamonds in one. We are high and low at once. We are the high and…
[1:21] You: …low parts of this gallery. Hidalgo. LORDsburg.
[1:23] You: We must log out very soon. Let’s move on to the next collage Baker Bloch and then we’ll stop.
[1:25] You: So here’s “Destruction Day”. Oh, that last one was called “A Passing Double Diamond in the Night” I believe. So to DD… We have the rusty wagon from Shakespeare, the one CNB created a duplicate of and set on fire in front of The Man, filled will every one of his works from the ab ex and pop art periods of his career.
[1:25] You: President Hidalgo and another man watch with one eye apiece at the events occurring. Destruction Day also just happened in the real world Baker Bloch.
[1:26] Baker Bloch: Quite right Hucka D. A stressful day now passed. And also the evaluation over and done with. Relief! But here, when the collage was made: stress.

[1:28] You: I believe the collage conveys sense of helplessness. Destruction… unknown. (Hucka D. answers) Hidalgo symbols are present in president, wagon [Shakespeare] and also Hidalgo satellite between two heads. Destruction here…
[1:28] You: …is also destruction of small asteriod in this way. Planet destruction. Perhaps we should end now.
[1:28] Baker Bloch: Who is the woman Hucka D.?
[1:30] You: She is a symbol of fear or helplessness, perhaps (Hucka D. answers). Trying to run out of way of all the commotion going on. Trying to reach the stairs and the street level and safety, potentially. She is representation of baker b. at the time. Two wagons, two shredding trucks. Two heads, but one pair of eyes. Two in one.


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