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T-Bonz, Part 1 May 25, 2008

So we finally come to the well advertized adventures of T-Bonz on CREEK. As you can see he has some compatriots on his journey, namely what’s called the Mmmmmm’s. These are 3 in number, 2 being red and 1 green. The two red ones are called Cherry and Berry. The green one’s name is Verdy, a moniker not unconnected, as it turns out, to the Verdigris name choice for Baker Bloch’s and Hucka D.’s camping spot at the AI5 volcano. And as will become evident as the series rolls along especially, Verdy is a favorite of T-Bonz. At first I couldn’t wrap my brain around this favoritism, but RL wife Edna summed it up neatly one day: there are, after all, *2* red Mmmmmm’s, and if one is lost there’s always the other to act as a spare. There’s only 1 green Mmmmmm in contrast; if he’s lost then that’s it for the green strain of the species.

So here we have the whole band rezzing in from unknown locations beside the two CREEK tiles already photographed several times for this blog. From now on this rock will be known as Rez Rock, or perhaps RR for short.

In short fashion, they investigate all the nearby, manmade objects that also mysteriously appear in or around CREEK at this point. T-Bonz is wondering the same thing that I, baker b., am: is this the remains of a lost civilization, perhaps of “renegade” avatars from the SL grid? It’s a radical thought, admittedly.

T-Bonz readily sends either Cherry or Berry — I can’t tell one from the other yet — into the dangerous mouth of a rusty old pipe. Notice Verdy remains with T-Bonz, away from any potential immediate danger.

What luck! T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s, thinking they had a hike of perhaps several days ahead of them through rough terrain, instead find this old goodmobile, as the Mmmmmm’s describe it to T-Bonz, and still in working status. This proves that other Mmmmmm’s use to inhabit this area, or perhaps still are in the area somewhere. This came as a complete surprise to both T-Bonz and his own small troup of Mmmmmm’s, although Verdy seemed less surprised than the others. So with a couple of spoken commands, they were off the ground and flying speedily along toward Jonesborough, reaching it in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Cherry and Berry didn’t get to enjoy much of the view while in flight, as there was only room at the lip of the vehicle for T-Bonz and his favorite.

The group safely down and landed at the heart of Jonesborough, as described in the former series of posts. This is on the elongated rock that forms the northern boundary of the aforementioned open space. T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s use another dead tree to lower themselves to the open space, intending to get to the bridge and the other side of Jonesborough, or the rock wall/cave/white jut complex.

“Hey, we’re on the wrong tree!” barks T-Bonz to his subordinates. “We need to be on *that* tree; that’s the bridge!”

Also I should mention that between the two trees here T-Bonz and co. find another rusty old goodmobile, but don’t realize that someone has also used this to recently fly into Jonesborough.

T-Bonz and the Mmmmmm’s cross the bridge into “Jonesborough West,” unsuspecting of the visitors that already lurk in the area. Will T-Bonz sadly lose his only green Mmmmmm? Will he even lose his other arm? (I”ll tell the story of the first arm loss soon, perhaps). Or will all instead share a nice cup of tea? We’ll know shortly!

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3 Responses to “T-Bonz, Part 1”

  1. HBA Says:

    I think T-Bonz and the Mmmmmmmmmmmms (the peanut containing cousins of whom I am muching as I type) are really loose in the Lake district – it looks just like the forests and woods around Windermere!

  2. bakerblinker Says:

    Just the good ol’ NC mtns, but I may inc. here some of the Lake District & maybe Windermere in particular in your honor HBA! 🙂
    Just to warn, there’s going to be mention of a Salad Bar Jack, and that’s why I decided to called T-Bonz what I did in this series and not “One Armed Jack”, his “original” name.

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