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CREEK ( Jonesborough 1) May 25, 2008

This is on (TILE) Creek again, but a little further upstream, at a place I’ve been calling “Jonesboro” or “Jonesborough” for a number of years now. It represents the very heart of the 1.25 mile long CREEK, perhaps, and near its most remote position in respect to any road or trail.

Below is what I’d deem the center of Jonesborough, or a natural open spot bordered on the north side by an elongated boulder. The standing dead tree in the center of this photo is positioned nearer this rock’s east end.

A view of the same open space and dead tree from a little further back.

View toward CREEK from the same spot. There is a rock wall running along the other side of CREEK from here for maybe about 150-200 feet or so.

And again from the same spot, looking west, in the opposite direction from CREEK and perpendicular to the open space.

Closer view of part of the rock wall bordering CREEK. I found it hard to get a good picture of the overall wall, since it is very long but also not so high, and additionally surrounded by a lot of vegetation.

A lower angle view of some of those amazing trees, including a couple more huge hemlocks, just above the rock wall.

Here’s a fallen tree that acts as a natural bridge over the CREEK at Jonesborough, which also, in my mind, bridges the two parts of this “burg”. As such, the bridge will soon be put to good use by TBonz and co. (!)


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