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Can Baker Bloch Lure Hucka Doobie. Away from Hurla Dontbie Long EnoughTo Effect a Camping Trip at the volcano? ( He thinks he’s found a good spot. nudge, nudge!) May 24, 2008

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The treehouse with the potted lemon trees on its balcony.

Another view of Bee’s Nest Mountain.

Here’s the treehouse (center), Bee’s Nest Mountain (right), and the lemonade stand (left) all in one panoramic shot. Although Hurla Dontbie is positioned just to the left of the lemonade stand, she doesn’t appear in this picture, perhaps because she hadn’t quite rezzed in when the photo was taken (?)

And here’s Baker Bloch at the volcano sim again. He studies a green spot also shown on the SL map and thinks that this may be an interesting place to camp. A bonding trip for Hucka D. and himself. And such a complicated sim to explore for the limited area involved! Speaks a lot to psychological space verses actual size.


You Look Mavelous!

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The new neighbor gave Baker Blinker a SLurl to a mall to shop for a new avatar. However, one of the reasons Blinks is stuck with her old Linden avatar is that she *hates* such places, and all the avatars look way too, what would be the word, *trendy*? Anyway, when she tp-ed in she immediately recognized the huge volcano towering above the mall, and also knew that the 2001 related monkeys would be nearby. Actually, they’re right outside the mall walls.

While in the area, Blinks also revisited the Uli sim and was saddened to find that the house where she and Blochs met for their one and only inworld visit is now deleted/gone. She was again reminded how fast SL changes — many places she hung around during the first month or two have now simply vanished.

However, the deck that she and Hucka D. had several conversations on, as recorded earlier in this blog, is still standing, along with the old house attached to it. She took the opportunity to explore the house more, and sat, once again, in front of the mirror in the house to look at her appearance. Yes, she was comfortable with the way she looked, and she also felt that other people felt comfortable talking to her with this appearance. She was not going to give it up *that* easily! And besides, there was some karmic attachments to the Shake creature that no one would be able to grasp to any large degree. Heck, Blinks doesn’t even understand it all that much, although she knows her appearance and proportional colors cannot vary that much from Shake, or else she loses control over him once again. And that would not be a good thing for herself or the immediate family, just for starters perhaps.

Hey, what did I just finish saying?

Don’t you stick your tongue out at you!