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Lemonee Bee May 23, 2008

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Hucka D. attempts to make new friends in a little park near Bee’s Nest Mountain, as Hucka D. is calling it now. One such possible friend just happens to be a *bee*.

Admittedly Hucka D. gets a little overexcited about finding a species of his own kind and begins to ride it. What? What are you laughing about? I don’t get it.

Ok, this has just *got* to mean *something* (Hucka D. in a giant lemon *again*)

Looking back toward the bee. “That was one good ride!” he possibly thinks.

(Stop it baker. Just stop.)

Hucka D. from a great height, looks down on the sim containing the Bee’s Nest Mountain. You can see it on the right, with the dimple. The park also pictured in this post lies just over its western boundary.

Amazing thing: Hucka D. has no limits on how high he can fly, unlike the Bakers. Wonder how he manages to bypass the usual limit of 170 meters or so without the aid of a HUD? At any rate, plan on seeing more Hucka D. high altitute snapshots soon!

Ok, I’m finished now.


AI5, Part 2

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Another rare sign of poverty in AI, on the edge of the fascinating AI5 volcano.

Heading up and into the volcano.

I was afraid I’d fall through the lava, but it turned out to make a solid surface. No problems walking on it whatsoever.

One of perhaps about 14 small canyons leading away from the volcano toward the edge of the sim it centers.

Hey, wait a minute. I’ve seen those shapes before.

Hidalo collage #3! (freshly hung by Baker Blinker in the new Hidalgo gallery).