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Bee’s Nest? ( Not Really) May 21, 2008

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Another look at Hucka D.’s little pool he’s become so attached to, and a marking rock in the distance.

Here Hucka D. has flown back to Overland, which he’s been frequenting with more regularity lately. The area is not quite as large as AI1 but could still be considered a small continent in SL terms, I suppose. It’s obvious by looking at the map, though, there’s not nearly as much wilderness area as AI1 has. Still Hucka D. finds the place interesting. Perhaps he has grown lonely and seeks the companionship of others besides the Bakers, if only in a vicarious manner through their artifacts. And it is quite pretty, after all… well laid out.

Below, though, is the one particular thing that Hucka D. most interesting: what at first appeared to be a beehive, with a little bee hole at the top. Turns out the mountain really is hollow a bit — entrance through that hole — but the interior is not very large. Not large enough to be any kind of new hangout for Hucka, he thinks. Still…

The second sighting of lemon trees for one of the family in a span of 24 hours. Sign? Hucka D.’s next step may be to examine the treehouse the lemon trees appear on the deck of. This is one Baker Bloch advises caution, though. Is he worried that Hucka will run away from home and find new “parents” since Baker Blinker was so inconsiderate of him the other day? Perhaps that’s it.


AI5, Part 1

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I am not sure he is going to continue this large project at this time, but Baker Bloch decided to simply start at the very bottom of AI and move his way north through AI 5,4,3,2 until reaching 1 again. Here Blochs is heading ashore at AI5, at a station that is reportedly studying the volcano that centers the island. AI5 is the only major island of AI that doesn’t have an internal road system. It appears all property on the island either borders the void sim in the center of the island, the one with the volcano, or else the ocean surrounding the island.

Baker Bloch was standing on the shore, wondering what was rezzing just beside him. He though it was probably a plant, but low and behold it was a person. And doing a deed Blochs didn’t appreciate was so close to where he was standing!

Ze volcano.


Hidalgo “Gallery”

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Before I could get around to writing the text for this post, more has been added to this gallery. So I’ll just talk more about the gallery in a future post describing this addition, and leave the reader with some pictures of this earlier stage. I’m glad I took these because I attempted to link all the parts of the skybox together but some top sections of the trees were left out. Through these earlier photos perhaps I can figure out how to reposition them with the rest of the gallery. I also had to line up the whole gallery north-south; before it was out of kilter by about 46 degrees. I hope I’m not intruding on someone else’s sky space! I don’t think I am, especially since I shortened one edge by about 2 meters.

It was quite incredible watching the sunrise from the gallery. The reds of the skybox were accented in a remarkable way.

Here’s a two prim sculpture I picked up as a freebie somewhere, perhaps from the SL Exchange Marketplace. I’m trying to reduce prims on the estate as much as possible. Still have about 60 left to work with as I write this, but want to have about at least 40 in reserve, perhaps 50. I still need to add collages and perhaps photos to the gallery.

A little garden space to one side of the middle part of the skybox. Not much there but more could be made of it. Since I took this snapshot, the left side of the lawn, as you’re looking at it from this direction, is the side that’s been shortened 2 meters. So it’s a smaller space now.

Most of the skybox here. The lower level, which I originally intended to be a place for rezzing experiments, is the part now filled with the lower and larger structure of the gallery.

The top (third) level is a kind of tree house… actually a composite and editing of two separate treehouse stuctures. As of now, I plan to keep this part intact as pictured here.

A look up into the trees.