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AI1, NE to SE May 18, 2008

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Oh my goodness, “Oz” has turned into a giant fern somehow, he he. Actually this is just one of those floating plants common on AI1 superimposed on “Oz” to make it look like it’s gone. This is one of the ways we country bumpkins entertain ourselves out here, away from all the hustle and bustle and excitement of the mainlands. 🙂

AI1’s only railroad that I know of, and not much of one at that. Length is about 100 meters, and dead ends in the sea. Not a functional railroad. In fact, the transportation system on AI1 leaves much to be desired. *But* at least we *have* roads. What were the Linden’s thinking in creating new continents without a transportation system I would ask you??

Baker Bloch tries to relax while floating around in a quiet pond next to a church, but all the for sale signs in the background keep him anxious. So so many yellow (for sale) shapes on the AI1 map, and indeed all over AI period. Can it weather the recession??

“Nother view of the road into the heart of AI1 from the coast. Edge to center.

And after all that wandering around it’s *nap time* (at the beach). Careful when you roll over BB not to crush your little birdie!


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