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AI1 Hike S/SE, Part 2 May 15, 2008

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Not far beyond the companioned little trees stands this snowdrift.

I was so busy watching this wolf out of the side of my eye that I didn’t realize I passed within about 15 feet of a reared up bear! Holy Stephen Colbert!

One of those strange hanging objects fairly common on AI1, this time a rock. This is from the same snow mound pictured above already.

That’s just *filthy* snowfall. (Edna gets it, don’t worry)

Standing tall!

On the way back, Baker Bloch stops in on the void sim beyond the Velvet Underground temple once more. I think that’s a road trying to form in the distance; just outta sight (man).

While he was in the area, Blochs decides to read an available book at “Oz” before heading home. Just dangling around, he is.


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