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AI1 Hike S/SE, Part 1 May 15, 2008

Filed under: Azure Island #1 — baker Blinker @ 9:08 am
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Blochs sits on a treeplanter admiring the view of the house and neighboring windmill.

A weird glitch in SL prompts Blochs to teleport into a sim which temporarily appears to be devoid of houses but which he knows is chocked full of ’em. To his relief, everything on the sim *hadn’t* been erased, but then he spies on the horizon a red sphere which he first takes as perhaps the rising sun — that was one guess anyway. Closer inspection reveals these half spheres of unknown function and origin.

Moving beyond the half-spheres and heading back home again on the edge of a neighboring void sim, we find this nice juxtaposition of frosted and non-frosted trees.

Details of a birch tree.

A small bare evergreen with an even smaller evergreen as a companion.


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