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“Good Luck Little Bee” May 10, 2008

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Well, Hucka D. got ansy just puddering around the house and took Baker Blinker’s hint and visited the sim where some copyable Starax goldfish were located (mentioned in a recent post). Immediately he took a liking to the area, which included 4 vacant sims total. Soon he found the series of pools pictured below on the far sim of the inclusive archipelago, appropriatedly titled Afar. Here’s where I’ll hang out just to clear my head and take my little bee baths, he thought. Although it remained unstated by Hucka D. to Baker Blinker afterwards, she understood that the desert environment probably reminded him of CNB’s location in Hidalgo County, NM, where, in fact, Hucka D. could be said to have just “come from”. Baker Blinker thought that memories could be activated here easier from that former life because of the scenic similarities, thus setting up the little interview with Hucka D. at that location we’ve recorded in the post above this one.

Hucka D. stares into the central pool of the complex. The flower he is staring at here will also come up in the above interview.

Now the lower pool of the 3. I should also mention there is no real stream connecting the three pools, although I imagine when it rains, which is probably rare in this area, that beautiful little waterfalls form between them.

The very edge of the sim just below the pools. Hucka D. thinks it queer that it is just the right size for him to walk on. Baker Blinker was much too large to accomplish this “edge walk” during her visit, just to give a comparison. In fact, she found the whole area quite constricting in size. Much more in line with a bee’s smaller dimensions as a whole.

Interesting view of a corner of the Afar sim. Hucka D.’s tiny bee path continues around a large dip at this corner to the next side.

And last to mention but certainly not least is offered teleportation on a rock protrusion next to the lowest pool to a quite large skybox gallery directly overhead. Remember that CNB mainly considered himself an artist during his long life.

Here Hucka D. stares through one of the several sculptures presented in the skybox. There are a number of desert paintings that greatly appealed to him as well that I’ll have to include pics of in a future post.


AI1: Islands (S)

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More AI1 coastal scenery. Below is AI1’s largest satellite island, with a loop of rocks connecting it with the much smaller island Baker Bloch is standing on.

From the other angle. I count only 4 palm trees on this island — 4 again.

The wreck of a ship found not far away. Appears to be quite old, judging by the cannons. Perhaps a pirate ship, even? I’d like to get some more close up pictures of this sometime. Could it be connected to the Magellen Linden saga in… nah, let’s not go there.

An underside view of the famed Vega Bridge connecting AI1 with the rest of AI, one of the bigger examples of these kind of structures in SL, as I understand.

Another nearby island with a name this time: Ben Linden’s Island, complete with beach hut, dock, lush vegetation, several seafaring vessels, and, yeah, a hammock, found just in time for Baker Bloch’s usual afternoon nap.

There’s the wreck as well.



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Decided to explore se corner of AI1 this night. Found this pretty waterfall spilling from the top of a large rock on an island. Nice cyan color, nice textures.

The rock, despite giving suggestions otherwise, didn’t contain a thing within except the waterfall (on other side of it from this angle). On one of many pieces of land for sale here. Is it my imagination or do the yellow places on the map seem to be mulitplying??

One of few places in the ocean offering truly colorful bottom life. I’m not sure if these are “natural” species, though.

On a peninsula on one of the void sims, at the edge of AI1 looking back toward the center. The 4 palm trees Blochs is surrounded by remind me of my 4 back home… all copies of these Azure I. natives.

A wider view, but with any traces of civilization removed thru “trickery”.