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AI1 Hike West, Part 2 May 7, 2008

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The sun was setting quickly, making for interesting patches of light such as the one below. I also love the rough, pointed landscape, which was in abundance in the immediate vicinity.

And a run through the grove mentioned in part 1 was a neccesity before heading over the flatter void sim to the north.

More interesting patches, just beyond the island’s snow line. Must hurry; sun setting!

Sunset over a very flat and very lifeless void sim, save for the grass (moss?).

On the other side of this void sim is a parcel called “Land of Oz” which Blochs had visited once before. An interesting cave structure lies at its center; perhaps I’ll include some pictures when I am able to consider the matter further. Anyway, decided to tp back home right after this to avoid running the dark roads.

But upon immediate retrospect I decided to turn on the midday option and revisit a temple devoted to the Velvet Underground right next to the lighted tree grove. Here I look from the rear of this temple across the flat void sim toward the aforementioned “Land of Oz”. The reason I wanted to take this snapshot is to visually frame a resonance with the similar Reed-Oz juxtaposition in the audiovisual synchronicity Kansas City Life mentioned in this blog post, and, more recently this one, as well as the Sandbox Experiments posts that directly preceded this blog’s creation in February. I’ll have more to say about all this when I am able to study more.

One of Reed’s portrayals inside the temple.


AI1 Hike West, Part 1

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Admittedly the ocean floor of AI is not the most exciting I’ve visited in my SL experiences, but it does have its moments, such as the suspended aquatic plants seen below.

Emerging from the water after an extended run (Blochs certainly can hold his breath for a long time!), I explore the ne corner of my island, which didn’t impress me as much as some of the other parts I’ve seen.

Here’s where it picked up again for me, in a run through a void sim, trying to reach home before dark settled in again. What short days here! The mountain pictured below was a welcome sight for this hillbilly boy after all the flatness already encountered. I plan to return very soon.

Looking the other way from whence I came.

I *hate* when that happens (often when crossing sim boundaries on the island).

In the mountain’s shadow stands a grove of lighted bulby trees that also certainly caught my eye. I think it’s time to head off road again. Stay tuned for part 2!



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Frank Park Rd.

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I messed up my last attempt to take pics at STREAM (above my rl house) so I thought I’d substitute these sunset photos taken while walking on a border road of Frank Park. Thanks for adjusting my camera settings Edna!